Widener Library Staff Directory

Name Title Phone E-mail

Access Services - Administration

Kenneth Peterson Director of Access Services 617-496-9563 E-mail
Steven Beardsley Interim Head of Access Services Operations   E-mail
Joshua Parker Head of Access Services - Humanities & Social Sciences 617-575-9010 E-mail
Spruill Harder Head of Access Services- Arts, Design, and Music   E-mail

Access Services - Billing, Privileges and Administrative Operations

Anthony De La Punte Library Assistant 617-495-4166 E-mail
Donna Barrasso Library Assistant 617-496-3015 E-mail
Gwang Ho Kim Access Administrative Operations Coordinator   E-mail
Shalo Coulanges Library Assistant 617-495-2422 E-mail

Access Services - Collections Management

Tracing 617-496-4674
Stacks 617-384-5658
Materials Transfer 617-495-2448
Richard Lopez Assistant Head of Stacks 617-384-5658 E-mail
Johnny Weyand Head of Collections Management 617-496-8294 E-mail
Albert Genna Stacks Specialist, Stacks Division 617-495-2434 E-mail
David Toomey Quality Control Assistant, Stacks Division 617-495-2434 E-mail
Cek Fyne Tse Accuracy Coordinator, Stacks Division 617-495-2434 E-mail
Marek Kornilowicz Head of Materials Transfer 617-495-2448 E-mail
James Conahan HD Transfer Specialist, Materials Transfer 617-495-2422 E-mail
Joe Rindfleisch HD Transfer Specialist, Materials Transfer 617-495-2422 E-mail
Joanne Safar Tracing Assistant, Materials Transfer 617-496-4674 E-mail
Albert Genna Library Assistant 617-495-2434 E-mail

Access Services - Reader Services

Circulation 617-495-2414
Privileges 617-495-4166
Billing 617-496-3015
Phillips Reading Room 617-384-9421

Access Services - Resource Sharing

617-495-2972 E-mail
Lending 617-496-7364
Borrowing 617-495-2972
Jason Clarke Library Assistant 617-495-2972 E-mail
Jim Hodgson Access Services Resource Sharing and Statistics Coordinator 617-496-7364 E-mail
Leila Smith Manager of Resource Sharing Operations and Training 617-496-7364 E-mail
Nancy Sullas Resource Sharing Coordinator 617-495-2972 E-mail
Zemtawork Tesfaye Interlibrary Loan Assistant 617-495-2972 E-mail

Access Services - Widener Library

Eugenia Dimant Library Assistant 617-384-9421 E-mail
Francesca Giacchino Access Services Manager 617-495-2414 E-mail
Ellen Harris Library Assistant 617-495-2414 E-mail
Neiel Israel Library Assistant 617-495-2414 E-mail
Walter Ross-O'Connor Library Assistant 617-495-2414 E-mail

Distributed Serials Check-In

Ginny McVarish Library Assistant 617-495-2422 E-mail
Robin Harney Library Assistant 617-495-2422 E-mail
Lena Savikovksy Library Assistant 617-495-2422 E-mail
Joshua Porterfield Library Assistant 617-495-2422 E-mail

Collection Development - Latin American, Spanish, and Portuguese Section

Lynn Shirey Librarian for Latin America, Spain, and Portugal 617-495-2427 E-mail

Collection Development - Modern Greek Section

Rhea Lesage Librarian for Hellenic Studies and Coordinator for the Classics 617-495-3632 E-mail
Maria Antonakopoulos Modern Greek Cataloger 617-495-3632 E-mail

Collection Development - South and South-East Asia

Richard Lesage Librarian for South and South-East Asia 617-495-2508 E-mail

Collection Development - Sub-Saharan African Section

Bassey Irele Librarian for Sub-Saharan Africa 617-495-3559 E-mail

Julio Mario Santo Domingo Collection

Emma Clement Library Assistant 617-496-2451 E-mail
Alison Harris Project Manager / Collection Cataloger 617-496-2451 E-mail

Judaica Division

Charles Berlin Lee M. Friedman Bibliographer in Judaica, Head 617-495-2985 E-mail
Violet Radnofsky Littauer Hebraica Technical and Research Services Librarian 617-495-3335 E-mail
Vardit Samuels Library Assistant 617-495-2985 E-mail
Hadassa Schwartz Littauer Hebraica Cataloger 617-495-3335 E-mail
Elizabeth Vernon Lee M. Friedman Judaica Technical Services Librarian 617-495-3335 E-mail

Middle Eastern Division

Michael Hopper Head, Middle Eastern Division 617-496-3001 E-mail
Abdelaali Boutaqmanti Middle Eastern Librarian 617-495-2437 E-mail
Michael Grossman Middle Eastern Librarian 617-495-2437 E-mail
Nada Hussein Middle Eastern Librarian 617-495-2437 E-mail
Karim Rouqui Arabic Language Bibliographic Assistant 617-495-2437 E-mail
Matthew Smith Persian Language Librarian 617-495-2437 E-mail
David Zmijewski Turkish Language Specialist 617-495-2437 E-mail

Slavic Division

Olha Aleksic Petro Jacyk Bibliographer for Ukrainian Collections 617-998-5367 E-mail
Lev Chaban Slavic Librarian (Bulgarian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, and Serbian collections) 617-998-5368 E-mail
Joanna Epstein Slavic Librarian (Polish collection) 617-998-5370 E-mail
Asaph Jagendorf Library Assistant 617-998-5365 E-mail
Kristin Kulash Slavic Librarian (Serials) 617-998-5369 E-mail
Hana Pyro Slavic Librarian (Czech, Slovak, and South Slavic collection) 617-495-4082 E-mail
Anna Rakityanskaya Slavic Librarian (Russian/Former Soviet Union collection, Interim Coordinator) 617-998-5371 E-mail
Alla Saltanovich Library Assistant 617-998-5366 E-mail

Western Languages Division

Lidia Uziel Head, Western Languages Division & Librarian for Western Europe 617-496-2568 E-mail
Sarah Hoke Collection Development Librarian in the Western Languages Division 617-998-1494 E-mail
David Leyenson Assistant Librarian for Western Europe 617-496-1689 E-mail
Joshua Lupkin Charles Warren Librarian for American History 617-496-7407 E-mail
Carol Tierney Library Assistant 617-495-2428 E-mail

Services for Academic Programs

Services for Collection Development

Jim Hodgson Collection Management Reporting Assistant 617-495-2855 E-mail
Matthew Sullivan Librarian for Collection Development and Planning for Widener Library 617-496-2908 E-mail