Preservation & Imaging Department Staff Directory

Name Title Phone E-mail

Collections Conservation Laboratory

Allyson Donahoe Preservation Review Librarian 617-495-2433 E-mail
Lauren Telepak Collections Conservator 617-384-6749 E-mail
Nora Dempsey Associate Collections Conservator 617 495 3494 E-mail
Ann Antonellis Preservation Assistant for the Tozzer and Cabot Libraries 617-496-9499 E-mail
Dunstant Duncan Commercial Library Binding Assistant 617-495-2433 E-mail
Peter Foster Conservation Technician 617-496-2403 E-mail
Katherine Gray Conservation Technician 617-496-2403 E-mail
Andrew Leonard Conservation Technician 617-496-2403 E-mail
Anne McLain Conservation Technician 617-496-2403 E-mail
Drew O'Doherty Conservation Technician 617-496-2403 E-mail
Humberto Oliveira Preservation Assistant 617-496-2403 E-mail
Annmarie Ostrowski Conservation Technician 617-496-2403 E-mail
Kate Rich Senior Conservation Technician 617-496-2303 E-mail

Imaging Services

Bill Comstock Head of Imaging Services for Harvard Library 617-496-5241 E-mail
Todd Bachmann Associate Head 617-495-0330 E-mail
Richard Burns Staff Assistant 617-495-3995 E-mail
Maggie Hale Librarian for Collections Digitization 617-384-9405 E-mail
Cary Saunders Collections Digitization Assistant 617-496-9346 E-mail
Scott Salvaggio Collections Digitization Assistant 617-496-9346 E-mail
Mingtao Zhao Systems Analyst and Applications Developer 617-496-9346 E-mail

Patron Services

Heidi Hendricks Coordinator 617-495-5866 E-mail
Thomas Lingner Customer Service Manager 617-495-3995 E-mail
Omar Gassama Staff Assistant 617-495-3995 E-mail
Yuhua Li Staff Assistant 617-495-3995 E-mail

Digital Imaging and Photography Services

David Remington Manager, Digital Imaging and Photography Services 617-495-4701 E-mail
Julia Feheringillat Assistant Manager, Digital Imaging and Photography 617-496-9346 E-mail
Kevin Barton Imaging Technician 617-496-9346 E-mail
Theresa Kelliher Imaging Technician 617-496-9346 E-mail
Adam Kellie Imaging Technician   E-mail
Mary Kocol Imaging Technician 617-496-9346 E-mail
Jennifer Willis Imaging Technician 617-496-9346 E-mail
Shelley Zatsky Imaging Technician 617-496-9346 E-mail
Robert Zinck Photographer 617-495-3995 E-mail

Scanning & Microfilming Services

Shirleyann Holcombe Manager, Scanning and Microfilming Services 617-495-3995 E-mail
Joseph Cavallo Workflow Coordinator 617-495-3995 E-mail
Lai Mui Leila Lam Camera Operator 617-495-3995 E-mail
Ying Bin (Benny) Li Camera Operator 617-495-3995 E-mail
Jo-Hannah Milonopoulos Camera Operator 617-495-3995 E-mail
Xiao Li Yang Camera Operator 617-495-3995 E-mail
Edith Young Camera Operator 617-495-3995 E-mail
Penny Xu Camera Operator 617-495-3995 E-mail

Reformatting Support Services

Hilary Kline Manager, Reformatting Support Services 617-496-8539 E-mail
Elizabeth Chase Metadata Technician 617-496-8539 E-mail
Madeleine Newell Digitization Workflow Coordinator 617-496-8539 E-mail

Bibliographic Services

Qing Gao Preservation Cataloger 617-496-8539 E-mail
Robert Heintz Bibliographic Assistant 617-496-8539 E-mail
Katherine Sweeney Preservation Cataloger 617-496-8539 E-mail