Harvard-Yenching Library Staff Directory

Name Title Phone E-mail
James Cheng Librarian 617-495-3327 E-mail
Annalyse Tamashiro Administrative Coordinator 617-495-3327 E-mail

Access and Information Services

Sharon Li-Shiuan Yang Librarian for Public Services and E-Resources 617-496-3623 E-mail
Nobuhiko Abe Library Assistant, Circulation 617-495-2756 E-mail
Eiji Kuge Access Services Coordinator 617-998-5330 E-mail
Mia Ackerson Library Assistant, Stacks, Circulation 617-495-2756 E-mail
Jingjing Liu Library Assistant, Circulation, Course Reserves 617-495-2756 E-mail
Adrianne Gren Library Assistant, Circulation, Stacks, Student Supervisor 617-495-2756 E-mail

Chinese Acquisitions and Reference

Xiao-He Ma Librarian for the Chinese Collection 617-496-2810 E-mail
Jennifer Chou Library Assistant, Chinese Serials/Western Languages Processing 617-496-5382 E-mail
Wai Fan Leung Library Assistant, HD Processing 617-998-5331 E-mail
Grace Wu Chinese Processing Assistant and Processing Coordinator 617-495-3394 E-mail
Shining Zou Chinese Acquisitions Assistant 617-495-3394 E-mail

Japanese Acquisitions and Reference

Kuniko Yamada McVey Librarian for the Japanese Collection 617-495-3395 E-mail
Miho Amano Library Assistant 617-496-6965 E-mail
Akiko Sugimoto Library Assistant 617-496-6965 E-mail

Korean Acquisitions and Reference

Mikyung Kang Librarian for the Korean Collection and Coordinator for Technical Services 617-496-1079 E-mail
Hyang Lee Korean Acquisition and Processing Assistant 617-495-0572 E-mail
Mihyang Na Korean Serials and Rare Book Digitization Assistant 617-495-0572 E-mail

Rare Books Collection

Annie Wang Library Assistant to Special Collections 617-495-8230 E-mail

Technical Services

Yuh-Fen Chiou Chinese Cataloger 617-496-5381 E-mail
EunHee Nah Korean Cataloger 617-496-7417 E-mail
Mia Ackerson Library Assistant, Korean Cataloging 617-496-7417 E-mail
Sumiko Ando Japanese Cataloger 617-496-5381 E-mail
Chiun Kwan Chau Library Assistant, Chinese Cataloging and IT Liaison 617-496-7409 E-mail
Ai-Muh Lee Library Assistant, Chinese Cataloging 617-496-5381 E-mail

Vietnamese Acquisitions and Reference

Chan Thi Ngoc Phan Librarian for the Vietnamese Collection 617-496-6007 E-mail

Western Languages Acquisitions and Reference

James Cheng Acting Librarian for the Western Languages Collection 617-495-3327 E-mail