Reference Services and Learning Technology Staff Directory


Name Title Phone E-mail
Reed Lowrie Manager, Reference and Information Services 617-496-2252 E-mail
Laura Blake Head of Services for Academic Programs 617-496-0108 E-mail
Joe Bourneuf Reference Librarian 617-953-3718 E-mail
Colleen Bryant Reference Assistant 617-495-5480 E-mail
Mikel Burt Program Administrator for Services for Academic Programs 617-496-1454 E-mail
Geoff Carens Reference Assistant 617-496-3495 E-mail
David Cort Library Assistant 617-496-1091 E-mail
Susan Gilman Research Librarian 617-496-9534 E-mail
Stephen Kuehler Research Librarian 617-384-8270 E-mail
Marty Schreiner Head of Maps, Media, Data, and Government Information 617-496-1718 E-mail