Services for Academic Programs Staff Directory

Name Title Phone E-mail
Laura Blake Head of Services for Academic Programs 617-496-0108 E-mail
Anna Esty Research Librarian 617-496-9815 E-mail
Odile Harter Research Librarian 617-496-8028 E-mail
Emily Bell Research Librarian 617-496-9988 E-mail
Frederic Burchsted Research Librarian 617-495-4093 E-mail
Mikel Burt Program Administrator for Services for Academic Programs 617-496-1454 E-mail
Susan Gilroy Librarian for Undergraduate Programs for Writing 617-496-5403 E-mail
Ramona Islam Curricular Design and Research Librarian 617-384-5848 E-mail
Cheryl LaGuardia Research Librarian 617-496-4226 E-mail
Kathleen Sheehan Research Librarian 617-384-8089 E-mail