Online Resources for Music Scholars


The following guide provides a basis for beginning electronic research on a wide variety of topics in music, including historical musicology, ethnomusicology, music theory, composition, and performance practice. It collects links to archival collections, online scores and sound recordings; article indexes, discographies and bibliographies; scholarly societies; musical reference works; and a miscellany of useful websites. Each entry includes a brief description of the resource, with tags for subjects and resource types. The guide is necessarily selective, and other important research resources are available only in printed form. As with most arts and humanities topics, it is important to investigate your research options across all formats.

Most of the resources in this guide are freely accessible to all users; resources that are available only to Harvard affiliates are flagged, and are also listed in the E-Research@Harvard Libraries portal. The database does not include links to individual ejournals available through the HOLLIS Catalog or the Find E-Journals section of the E-Research Portal.

This site is a work in progress and will be periodically updated as we become aware of new online resources. Please visit us often. Feedback, comments, and suggestions for changes or additions are welcome.

Page Last Reviewed: November 29, 2016