Digital Resources for Korean Studies

8. Government, Law, and Statistics

The following links provide information about government sites, legislation, the legal system, and statistics from the Republic of Korea.

Korea Knowledge Portal 국가지식포털
The official gateway to South Korean government documents operated by the Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity and Promotion (한국정보문화진흥원). For a fuller description, please see the entry under "Subject Gateways."

Government, Politics, Law: Korea, South
Links to and description in English of selected internet resources on government and law in South Korea. Part of the Library of Congress' Portals to the World project.

Harvard Law School Foreign Law Web Resources: Korea
Links to and information in English about sites on Korean government, legislation, and legal system.

Korean Legal Research at the University of Washington 한국법학연구지침
Resources for Korea-related legal studies, both online and print.

Electronic Resources Guide by USC Korean Heritage Library
Includes detailed links for South Korean government and statistical resources.

Korea e-Government 대한민국전자정부
English version also available.
The official site of e-government in South Korea. Includes links to a range of government sites and policies. South Korea was recently ranked 5th in a United Nations survey on e-government readiness. Gateway to Korea
The English-language homepage for the government of South Korea. Includes information on the structure and organization of different government bodies, as well as general information about Korean society, culture, and economy. Government press releases, a variety of news reports, video clips, and general works on Korea may also be viewed or downloaded. A searchable directory of government publications is provided.

Government News Service 국정브리핑에 오신 것을 환영합니다
Provides government press releases and information about government publications.

KTV 국가기록영상관 (KTV 영상홍보원)
Taehan News, films, and voice recordings from government documentaries. Coverage begins in the 1950s and extends into the 1990s. An integrated search option is available.

Korea National Statistical Office 통계청
Information about and links to a variety of statistical services. English-language page also available.

KOSIS -- Korean Statistical Information System 통계정보시스템
Official ROK government statistics site. English-language information about and searching of KOSIS are also provided. Data may be downloaded as Excel or text files.

KOSSDA (Korean Social Science Data Archive) 한국사회과학자료원
Part of the Korea Social Science Library. Access to individual researchers only. English-language application for data available.

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