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4. Finding Journal Articles

Full Text Online

KISS (Login required)
Database of scholarly journal articles published since 1945 by over 1,200 research institutions in South Korea. Covers humanities, social sciences, and science. Searchable metadata and full image reproductions in pdf format are provided. Previous titles of journals are indicated in parantheses after the current title. It is also possible to search by publisher under the "association" link. Although full text requires a subscription, bibliographic information about journal articles may be searched for free on their website.

DBpia 누리미디어 학회지 (Login required)
Full text database of Korean scholarly journals in humanities, social sciences and science. Searching is by title, author, keyword and journal title, and articles are provided in pdf format.

Kyobo Scholar 교보스콜라 (Login required)
Full text database of Korean scholarly journals in humanities, social sciences and science, maintained by Kyobo Mun'go. Searching is by title, author, keyword and journal title, and articles are provided in pdf format.

KPM 조선언론정보기지 (Login required)
Full text of North Korean newspapers and periodicals.

Korea Education & Research Information Service (KERIS) 한국교육학술정보원
Acts as a portal for article searching across KISS and DBpia, as well as including some free full text. ILL request function is also available. See the fuller description under Library Catalogues and Databases.

Kdatabase 한국학전자도서관 (Login required)
Kdatabase includes scholarly journal articles on modern and contemporary Korea (post-1945). Keyword searching as well as browsing by period, topic, author and title. Please see the fuller description under "Full-text Databases."


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Citation Indexes

Korean-language periodicals

KPjournal 북한학술지 통합데이타베이스
This database provides articles in science and technology printed in North Korean academic journals, which go back as far as the 1960s. Subscription is required for full-text content, but bibliographic information is available for free.

RISS 한국학술정보서비스
Bibliographic information on articles from Korean academic journals is searchable by title, author, publisher, and date. See the previous section for fuller description of the catalog.

Korean Magazine Museum Online 한국잡지정보관
The Korea Magazine Association (사단법인 한국잡지협회) provides the front cover images, the contents, and the publishing information of the first issues of Korean magazines (1896-current). Users can browse or search the database by title, publisher, and publication date.

Periodicals in other languages

Bibliography of Asian Studies (Login required)
Citation index for Western-language journal articles, edited collections and older monographs (pre-1992). Coverage is from 1971 on and primarily English-language

Annual Bibliography of Oriental Studies 東洋学文献類目
Harvard-Yenching Ref (J) DS5 .T69x (1934 - )
Citation index for scholarly literature on East Asia in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Western languages. Includes journal articles and monographs. Coverage is strongest for Chinese, Japanese, and Western languages. The online version covers scholarship published since 1981 and allows author and title keyword searching. It offers two interfaces:

  • Japanese-language interface: Search terms may be entered in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or Western languages. Please note that characters, kana, and Western-language search terms will search for those precise terms. i.e. 蒙古, モンゴル, and Mongolia will retrieve different records. Please enter katakana terms with full-width katakana. Searching capability in han'gul is limited.
  • Western-language interface: Searching in Western scripts only for Western-language materials.
If you experience display problems, see the instructions for viewing Japanese web pages.

For more suggestions, please also see the General Bibliographies: Articles, Essays, and Books section of part 3 in this guide.

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