Digital Resources for Korean Studies

3. Finding Materials Online: Library Catalogs, Journal Indexes, Bibliographies, and Databases

Library Catalogs and Databases

Please also see the Subject Gateways section.

Korea Education & Research Information Service (KERIS) 한국교육학술정보원
Expanded service based on RISS. Besides citation searching and the limited free text available through RISS, KERIS also provides access to full text of articles available through KISS and DBpia, as well as providing a "RISS Intern'l ILL" request function for other articles and dissertations.

KOLIS-Network 국가자료공동목록시스템
A union catalog of the public libraries of South Korea including the National Library. Bibliographic information is searchable by keyword, title, author, publisher, and browsing by subject is also supported.

RISS 한국학술정보서비스
The union catalog of academic libraries in South Korea and Japan provided by the Korea Education & Research Information Service (한국교육학술정보원). Books, monographs, theses, dissertations, and articles from Korean academic journals are searchable by title, author, publisher, and date. Some of the materials are available in full-text online along with abstracts.

KORCIS Korean Old and Rare Collection Information System 한국고전적종합목록시스템
A national catalog of Korean old books and manuscripts. Search by title, keyword, author, and publisher.

National Library of Korea 국립중앙도서관
This online catalog allows users not only to perform a general search but also to browse library materials by subject. The library resources include books, monographs, periodicals, theses and dissertations, academic journals, and rare books. Full-text access only in Korea.

National Assembly Library 대한민국 국회도서관
This online catalog provides bibliographic information for books, multimedia resources, periodicals, newspapers and other resources housed in the National Assembly Library of Korea. Users can search through more than 25 databases of government publications, documents issued by the National Assembly, academic journals published since 1910, theses and dissertations since 1945, rare books, and other collections. Full-text access only in Korea.

Changsŏ-gak (Changseo-gak) 장서각
An online catalog of Changsŏ-gak (Changseo-gak), the library of the Academy of Korean Studies (한국학중앙연구원), which houses more than 430,000 books, microfilms, and other resources for Korean studies. Some of the library materials are available online.

Worldcat (Harvard ID/PIN required)
WorldCat is a union catalog of records of any type of material (books, periodicals, scores, films, recordings, etc.) catalogued by over 41,000 OCLC (Online Computer Library Center) member libraries, primarily but not exclusively, from libraries in the United States, but extending to 82 other nations. To view the interface in Korean, please click on the Korean-language display option 한국어 at the bottom of the screen.

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General Bibliographies: Articles, Essays, and Books

Bibliography of Asian Studies (Login required)
Citation index for Western-language journal articles, edited collections and older monographs (pre-1992). Coverage is from 1971 on and primarily English-language

Annual Bibliography of Oriental Studies 東洋学文献類目
Harvard-Yenching Ref (J) DS5 .T69x (1934 - )
Citation index for scholarly literature on East Asia in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Western languages. Includes journal articles and monographs. Coverage is strongest for Chinese, Japanese, and Western languages. The online version covers scholarship published since 1981 and allows author and title keyword searching. It offers two interfaces:

  • Japanese-language interface: Search terms may be entered in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or Western languages. Please note that characters, kana, and Western-language search terms will search for those precise terms. i.e. 蒙古, モンゴル, and Mongolia will retrieve different records. Please enter katakana terms with full-width katakana. Searching capability in han'gul is limited.
  • Western-language interface: Searching in Western scripts only for Western-language materials.
If you experience display problems, see the instructions for viewing Japanese web pages.

Korean Bibliography by the Library of Congress
Bibliography of approximately 4,800 records of books about Korea in English up to 1995 held by the Library of Congress. To browse by area of interest, see the Topical Term Index. Keyword searching is also possible.

Database for Books and Magazines on Modern Korea 近代朝鮮関係書籍データベース
Bibliographic database of books and magazines on Korea published in Japan between 1868 and 1945.

CD-ROM Materials
The following materials may be used on CD-ROM on the Korean research workstation in the Harvard-Yenching Library reading room. Please request them at the circulation desk by call number.

The Harvard Korean studies bibliography: 80,000 references on Korea
Harvard-Yenching CD-ROM (W) CD-ROM W-0001
Compiled by Frank Hoffmann, with Matthew J. Christensen and Kirk W. Larsen, this CD documents Western-language scholarship on Korea before 1999. It includes books, articles, book chapters, dissertations, and reviews. In-library use only.

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Subject Bibliographies and Databases

Yūhō Bunko Collection of the Research Institute for Oriental Cultures of Gakushuin University 学習院大学東洋文化研究所所蔵・友邦文庫
Large collection of historical materials relating to the Government-General of Korea during the Japanese colonial period. Includes the Korea/Manchuria collection of books and documents on colonial Korea and Manchuria; general books; original documents from the Government-General, including budgets and reports; newspapers and foreign journals from the the 1930s-1960s; recorded tapes and transcriptions of interviews done in the post-war period with former Government-General officials; photographs; survey materials, and various other items, many of them unique. Information about holdings is being made available in .cvs format via their website. Historical photographs are available as image files via Gakushuin University's online catalog. Please note that a plug-in is required.

Korean Short Story Index (한국단편소설색인)
Indexes short story collections held at the Hamilton Library of the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. Does not include stories published in literary magazines.

Korean Literature Translation Institute 한국문학번역원
The Virtual Library of Korean Literature provides bibliographic information on translations of Korean literary works both classic and modern and about Korean authors from Kim Pusik to Park Wansŏ. It also offers a "cultural dictionary" (문학영상사전), which provides visual images of unique elements of Korean culture that appear in Korean literature along with explanation in Korean and in English; a "literary geography" (문학지도), which offers more photographic images relating to famous works of Korean literature; and "interviews with contemporary Korean writers" as audio files. Bibliographic records of library materials housed in the Korean Literature Translation Institute are also searchable in this web site by title, author, and publisher and can be browsed by subject. Some full text is provided of older works on Korea and of Korean works which have been translated.

Please see the Films, Comic Books, and Music section.

Resources for East Asian Language and Thought
Includes a bibliography of scholarship on Korean Buddhism in English, Korean, and Japanese. For more description of this site, see the entry under full-text databases.

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Interlibrary Loan

If a book or article you need is not available at Harvard, it may be possible to obtain it through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Worldcat may help you find your materials at another library. For articles and dissertations from South Korea, please consult KERIS. If they are not available through these catalogs, please consult library staff to see if there might be other ways to find them. For East Asian-language materials, FAS affiliates may contact Harvard-Yenching Library ILL services. For Western-language materials, please contact either Harvard-Yenching or HCL ILL services at Widener Library. You may also submit a purchase request suggesting that the library obtain a particular work.

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