Digital Resources for Korean Studies

10. New Databases / Trials

The following databases are new to Harvard or are currently on trial. Please send comments and questions to Mikyung Kang.

Ongoing Trials

E-Article (Harvard ID/PIN required)
On trial through December 31, 2010
Full text database of Korean scholarly journals in humanities, social sciences and science. Searching is by title, author, keyword and journal title, and articles are provided in pdf format.

CNC North Korean Law 북한법률DB (Harvard ID/PIN required)
On trial
Full text database of North Korean legal materials, including primary sources (laws, precedents, etc.).

CNC Pukhan yŏksa 북한역사DB (Harvard ID/PIN required)
On trial
Consists of three digitized titles on Korean history including Chosŏn munhwa yumulto chipsŏng (조선문화유물도집성), Ko saengmul hwasŏk charyojip (고생물 화석 자료집), and Chosŏn Chungang Yŏksa Pangmulgwan togam (조선중앙역사박물관 도감).

CNC North Korean Food 북한요리DB (Harvard ID/PIN required)
On trial
Database of North Korean food information, including recipes and photo images.

CNC North Korean Language and Literature 북한어문학DB (Harvard ID/PIN required)
On trial
Database of North Korean language and literature, including prominent authors' works such as Yi Ki-yŏng, Paek Sŏk, Han Sŏr-ya, Yi T'ae-jun, etc.


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