Digital Resources for Japanese Studies

5. Newspapers

Most of these resources concentrate on Japanese-language newspapers published in Japan, but some information is also included about Western-language newspapers published in Japan or English-language publications by Japanese communities in the US.

Full Text Newspapers

Kikuzo Visual II for Libraries 聞蔵IIビジュアル for Libraries (Harvard ID/PIN required)
Searching and full text reproductions of Japan's daily newspaper Asahi shinbun 朝日新聞 from 1945 to the present; the weekly journal Aera アエラ from May 1988 (first issue) to the present; and the latest edition of Chiezo 知恵蔵, the annual contemporary word dictionary.

Please remember to logout when you are finished to facilitate access for other users.

Yomiuri shinbun - Meiji, Taisho, and Showa pre- and post-war 読売新聞 - 明治・大正・昭和戦前・戦後
Log on / password required - more information under Access.
Coverage: 1874-1970
Metadata searching and full-image reproductions of the newspaper. Text may be printed out but not saved.

Please remember to logout (ファイル (F) --> 終了(X) -->Yes ) when you are finished to facilitate access for other users.

Technical Requirements: Windows operating system and Internet Explorer only. Requires Remote Desktop Active X control; you will be prompted to install this when you first access the site. Character input is via the IME included in the Yomiuri interface, not the one on the Windows taskbar. Idle time is 30 minutes, after which you will be logged out. The maximum time for a given session is two hours.

Access: Requires a logon and password; please contact Harvard-Yenching Library reference staff or circulation desk for logon information. For off-campus access, please install Virtual Private Networking (VPN) software and connect to that before accessing this database. FAS affiliates may download VPN Client - InstallShield Installer for free on the FAS Computer Services Software Downloads page. Affiliates of other faculties (e.g. Law, Divinity, Medicine) should consult their computing services departments for information on VPN access.

In-library use: The database may be used on the Japanese Research Workstation in the Harvard-Yenching Library; at the Fung Library, please consult reference staff. It is not usable on library public terminals.

CD-ROM version
Yomiuri shinbun - Meiji, Taisho, and Showa pre- and post-war 読売新聞 明治・大正・昭和戦前・戦後 Harvard-Yenching Library: CD-ROM J-0002 , J-0010 - 0012, DVD (J) DVD J-0038)
Searchable metadata and full-image reproductions of the newspapers. Use the index CD for each set of years to locate articles; then insert the data CDs for the relevant years before clicking on the titles you wish to view. May be used on the Japanese research workstation in the Harvard-Yenching Library reading room. Please request them at the circulation or reference desk by call number.

Nikkei Telecom 21 日経テレコン21(Access in-library only at Harvard-Yenching and Documentation Center on Contemporary Japan)
Coverage: mid-1980s - present. Varies by newspaper/journal.
Searchable full-text database of over 60 newspapers, including Nikkei and other national papers, local and business/industry papers, and oer 60 journals. Primary focus is business and finance. Detailed Japanese company and personnel data, as well as micro- and macro-economic statistics are also available.

Although full text is available, please consider using it primarily as an index and printing out full text from microfilm versions where feasible. Some of the newspapers included are available in microform at Harvard libraries, especially Harvard-Yenching. This unusual request is due to the high fees charged to the library for printing from Nikkei.

In-library use: Available in-library at the Documentation Center on Contemporary Japan (Fung Library) and Harvard-Yenching Library. Please ask DCJ staff or circulation or reference staff at Harvard-Yenching, to log you on. Please note that the service is unavailable between 3 pm and 4 pm daily, Eastern Standard Time.

Search tips: Please make search terms as specific as possible.

Printing: Landscape printing may ensure that no text is lost.

Taiwan jihō 臺灣時報 (Harvard ID/PIN required)
Coverage: 1898-1945
Keyword searching and scanned full text in pdf format for a Japanese-language journal published by the Japanese colonial government in Taiwan. Search terms may be input using Chinese or Japanese. Includes the earlier Taiwan Kyōkai kaihō 臺灣協會會報. Please note that although the texts are in Japanese and the metadata may be searched in Japanese, the website, help files, etc., are in Chinese.

Taiwan nichinichi shinpō 臺灣日日新報 (Harvard ID/PIN required)
Coverage: 1898-1944
Harvard-Yenching Microfilm FJ-50010 (includes the earlier Taiwan shinpō 臺灣新報)
Keyword searching and full text of official newspaper of Taiwan during the Japanese colonial period, including both Japanese (1898.5 - 1944.3) and Chinese (1905.7 - 1911.11) editions. Search terms may be entered using Japanese or Chinese entry. Texts are in pdf format; citations may be saved or emailed. Continues Taiwan shinpō 臺灣新報. Please note that although the texts are in Japanese and the metadata may be searched in Japanese, the website, help files, etc., are in Chinese.

Keijo nippo 京城日報 / Kyŏngsŏng ilbo 경성일보 (1915-1935) (Harvard ID/PIN required)
Coverage: 1915-1935
Harvard-Yenching Library: (K) PN5419.S43 K45
Reprint v.1-55:original no.2869-6141(1915-1924),  v.80-115:original no.7580-9734(1929-1934)
Missing volumes in process of purchase
Online access to full image reproductions in pdf format of an official Japanese-language newspaper from colonial-period Korea. These may be printed or saved. The online version allows browsing by daily paper. Please note that the interface is in Korean, and that the print holdings are in the Korean section of Harvard-Yenching Library. (Harvard ID/PIN required)
General news database oriented especially towards financial news. Factiva includes many newspapers published in Asia. Although many of these are Western-language publications, the database is increasingly including East Asian-language newspapers. For example, both Mainichi 毎日新聞 and 読売新聞 are available. Coverage for specific newspapers can be found by clicking on the "i" information symbol next to the titles.

To see a list of Japanese publications in, try the following:

  1. Click on Source.
  2. From the Select Source Category drop-down menu, choose Publications - By Region (you may view by language by choosing Publications - By Language).
  3. Click on the + icon next to Asia.
  4. Click on the + icon next to Eastern Asian Countries.
  5. Click on the + icon next to Japan.

World News Connection (Harvard ID/PIN required)
Coverage: June 1994 - present
World News Connection provides online access to full text English translations of current non-U.S. media sources, including Japan. The material is obtained from non-U.S. open-source political speeches, television programs, radio broadcasts, newspaper articles, periodicals, and books. It focuses primarily on military, political, environmental, scientific, technical, and socioeconomic issues and events. Coverage for earlier years is available in microform for FBIS (1941-) and JPRS (1957-) in the Government Documents / Microforms in Lamont. Coverage for earlier years, along with relevant indexes, are available (mostly in microform) for FBIS (1941-) and JPRS (1957-) in Government Documents/Microforms in Lamont. Using the indexes can be challenging, so you may wish to set up an appointment with reference staff (617-495-2479).

LexisNexis Academic (Harvard ID/PIN required)
LexisNexis Academic provides searching and text of many Western-language publications from East Asia.

To see a list of Japanese publications in LexisNexis Academic, try the following:

  1. Choose World News from the Step One: Select a news category drop-down menu.
  2. Choose Asia/Pacific News Sources the Step Two: select a news source drop-down menu.
  3. Click on Source List to see browse titles from that area.
  4. Click on About This Title to see information about how often holdings are updated and what is included in the subscription.

Ethnic Newswatch (Harvard ID/PIN required)
Full-text database of the newspapers, magazines, and journals of the ethnic, minority and native press in the United States. These include several English-language, Asian-American publications.

To browse a list of publications in Ethnic Newswatch:

  1. Click on the Publications tab.
  2. Enter a search term (e.g. Japan, Asia* - the asterisk lets you search for different forms of the word) to search the list of titles.
  3. Alternately, you may browse by letter.
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Newspaper Sites

The following are selected links to major newspaper sites. Harvard does not subscribe to the online version of any of these newspapers, so access to archives or other subscription-only features is not available. The links are provided as a convenience only.

Asahi shinbun 朝日新聞 

Mainichi Interactive 毎日新聞
Full-text is searchable for past two years.

Mainichi photo bank 毎日フォトバンク
120,000 photos from the pre-war era and 200,000 items of visual information since 1998 are available free for searching and viewing on the site.

Nihon Keizai shinbun 日本経済新聞

Pressnet, Japanese Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association 日本新聞協会
Links to Japanese media

Yomiuri shinbun 読売新聞

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Finding Japanese newspapers at Harvard and beyond

At Harvard
For general information about the best ways to search for newspapers in HOLLIS and elsewhere, please see the Guide to Newspapers and Newspaper Indexes.

For an introduction to Japanese news sources, especially those available at the Documentation Center on Contemporary Japan, please see the article by Randall Short, "Japanese News Sources, Print and Online" in Tsūshin 通信 (Volume 6, Number 1), Spring 2000: p. 7.

Japanese-language newspapers at Harvard are primarily held by Harvard-Yenching Library, the Documentation Center on Contemporary Japan of the Fung Library, and the Law Library. To see a list of many of these newspapers in HOLLIS, try running this search:

Other News Sources at Harvard
Widener Library also collects newspapers published in Asia, primarily those published in Western-languages. You can search their newspaper holdings on microfilm by city and country of publication.

For English-language translations of news reports from Japan and other foreign countries, please see the World News Connection entry above.

Newspapers Beyond Harvard
Bibliography of Japanese Newspapers 全国新聞総合目録
Each title lists locations where that newspapers is held in Japanese libraries and provides holding information (what issues are actually available) for libraries in Japan. Coverage of national, prefectural, and city libraries; university library and private newspaper libraries are not included. Created by the National Diet Library.

Japanese Newspapers
Information about and links to Japanese national and regional newspapers as well as to newspaper libraries, collections, and guides.

Center for Research Libraries (CRL) - Foreign Newspapers
Center for Research Libraries (CRL) - U. S. Ethnic Newspapers
The Center for Research Libraries collects a range of foreign and U. S. ethnic newspapers on microfilm. Affiliates of member libraries may borrow these films through Interlibrary Loan. Their website allows you to search for lists of publications by a variety of criteria, including language, region or ethnic group. Searching is in romanization only.

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