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4. Finding Articles: Indexes to Journals and Periodicals

This section provides links to and information about online and CD-ROM indexes for Japanese journals and scholarly periodical literature on Japanese studies.

Please also see the entry on Taiwan jihō 臺灣時報 (1898-1945) for full text of a Japanese-language periodical from colonial Taiwan.

CiNii (NII 論文情報ナビゲーター) (Harvard ID/PIN required)
CiNii (NII Scholarly and Academic Information Navigator) (Harvard ID/PIN required)
Citation searching of Japanese academic journals with limited free full text.  Both Japanese and English interfaces are available. Lists of journals and publications included for indexing, with information about the terms for full text, are available in Japanese and English. Coverage is strongest for science, but there is a growing amount of social science and humanities content. Citations exported in Bib Tex can be imported into Refworks.

More full text is available for immediate download - sometimes for free, and sometimes at a reduced rate - Harvard affiliates may also contact Kuniko Yamada McVey, the Librarian for the Japanese Collection at Harvard-Yenching, or the Harvard-Yenching Library reference desk to request such materials through Interlibrary Loan.

A free version of CiNii is also available with Japanese and English interfaces.

Zasshi kiji sakuin 雑誌記事索引
Most comprehensive online periodicals index, going back to 1948. Created and maintained by the National Diet Library.

Zasshi kiji sakuin shūsei dētabēsu 雑誌記事索引集成データベース  : 明治から現在まで総合雑誌から地誌まで = The complete database for Japanese magazines and periodicals from the Meiji era to the present.

Index to periodical articles published in Japanese, including those in former Japanese colonies, and including local periodicals not present in many other indexes. Coverage is from 1868 onwards. Merges data from various composite periodical indexes by Kokuritsu Kokkai Toshokan.


Prange Database 占領期雑誌新聞記事データベース
Index to journals and newspapers published during the Occupation (1945-1949). The Prange collection is held at the University of Maryland. Harvard-Yenching has a copy of the entire collection of journals and newspapers on microfilm and microfiche. For newspapers in the Prange collection, a title list may be requested at the reference or circulation desks or from the Japanese Collection. A list of databases and finding aids for using the collection is available on the Prange collection website.
Note: When registering to use the Prange database, the name field (お名前) must be filled in using characters or katakana; the Furigana field (フリガナ) must use katakana (e.g. Mary Smith should be written as マリースミス).

Annual Bibliography of Oriental Studies東洋学文献類目
Harvard-Yenching Ref (J) DS5 .T69x (1934 - )
Monographs and journal articles on East Asian studies in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Western-languages. See the fuller description on contents and use of the online version under Resources by Subject - East Asian Studies.

Bibliography of Asian Studies (Harvard ID/PIN required)
Coverage 1971 - present
Citation index for Western-language journal articles, edited collections and older monographs (pre-1992).

CD-ROM Materials
The following CD-ROMs may be used on the Japanese research workstation in the Harvard-Yenching Library reading room. Please request them at the circulation or reference desk by call number.

Fūzoku gahō 風俗画報
Harvard-Yenching Library: CD-ROM (J) CD-ROM J-0017
Searching and full text of the journal of social life and customs, 1889-1916. (Harvard-Yenching also has a few original copies and some reprints of the 1890s issues; see call number J 4150.31 7254).

"Shufu no tomo" kensaku shisutemu, Taishō hen 「主婦の友」検索システム 大正編
Harvard-Yenching Library: CDROM (J) CD-ROM J-0013
Keyword searching for the Taishō edition (1917 to 1926) of the women's journal, 主婦の友. Provides citations only; no full text. (Harvard-Yenching also holds some print copies of this journal from the post-war period (1948-1951); the call number is J 8241 0434).

Taiyō 太陽
Harvard-Yenching Library: CD-ROM (J) CD-ROM J-0018
Keyword searching of the late-nineteenth and early twentieth century journal of politics, commerce, science, and literature. Harvard-Yenching Library has incomplete holdings of the original issues (call number: Harvard Depository J 9210 47).

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