Finding Images of East Asia at Harvard and Beyond

6. Images of Korea

This section provides links to websites containing photographs and other visual images of Korea, as well as information about print and CD-ROM resources held at Harvard University.

For more in-depth guidance, please contact Mikyung Kang (617-495-0572), Librarian for the Korean Collection at Harvard-Yenching Library, or Nanni Deng (617-495-0570), Asian Art Bibliographer for the Fine Arts Library.

Please note that many of these sites may work better with Mozilla's Firefox browser than with Internet Explorer.

Culture and Customs

Korean National Heritage Online 국가문화유산종합정보서비스
Detailed information about Korean national treasures, historic documents, traditional music, and cultural customs with photographs. Other features include Cyber Tour into Cultural Properties, Multimedia Folk Artifacts Gallery, and Cyber National Museum of Korea, which includes 72 national, public, and university museums in Korea.

National Folk Museum of Korea 국립민속박물관
Images and photographs about Korean culture are organized by directories and searchable by keyword.

Korea: a cultural bouquet 문화의 향기 (2000)
Harvard-Yenching  CD-ROM (K)-0012
HOLLIS record
Audiovisual resources about Korean culture. The CD includes 380 objects, maps, a list of related websites, and the timeline from the Neolithic age to the Chosŏn dynasty. In-library use; please request at the circulation desk.

A Guide to Korean Cultural Heritage/ Korean Overseas Culture and Information Service
Korean Overseas Culture and Information Service; Elizabeth, N.J., USA: Distributed by Hollym Corporation, 1998.
Harvard-Yenching (W) DS902.G94 1998x
HOLLIS record

Chŏngbu surip 40-yŏn, 1948-1988 정부수립 40년, 1948-1988/ ed. Chŏng Pyŏng-gyu Digain-sil
Seoul: Munhwa Kongbobu, 1988.
Harvard-Yenching (K) DS917.C488 1988
HOLLIS record
Photographs that contrast Korea in the past with Korea in the present.

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Historic Photographs of Korea 한국 100년 전 역사사진 박물관
A collection of 600 photographs of late eighteenth and early nineteenth century Korea. Old photographs of historic figures, occasions, buildings and images of Korean cities, traditional clothing, folk arts, and customs along with their historical backgrounds.

Willard Straight's Photographs of Korea, 1904-1905
A collection of photographs of Korean landscapes, urban scenes, cultural phenomena, historic events, and people (both common and noble) taken by Willard Straight, who worked in Korea as a Reuters correspondent during the Russo-Japanese War and as a U.S. diplomat. The collection includes approximately 177 of his drawings, photographs and postcards. The images can be searched and browsed by title, date, subject, and type.

Yūhō Bunko Collection of the Research Institute for Oriental Cultures of Gakushuin University 学習院大学東洋文化研究所所蔵・友邦文庫
Large collection of historical materials relating to the Government-General of Korea during the Japanese colonial period. Early twentieth-century photographs of Korea, Manchuria, and Inner Mongolia taken by Japanese photographers are available as image files via Gakushuin University's online catalogue. Please note that a plug-in is required. For a more complete description of the collection, see the Digital Resources for Korean Studies page.

Chōsen Jingū shashinchō 朝鮮神宮寫眞帖/ [chosaku Chōsen Jingū Shamusho] [著作朝鮮神宮社務所
[Seoul] : Chōsen Jingū Shamusho 朝鮮神宮社務所, Shōwa 5 昭和 5 [1930]
Harvard-Yenching J 1945.9 4233
HOLLIS record

Kankoku Saishūtō ryokō nisshi : 4-kan  韓国濟州島旅行日誌 : 4 卷. 
[S.l. : s.n., 19--]
Harvard-Yenching Rare Book TJ 3494.9 4633
HOLLIS record
Manuscript and sketch book of travel in early twentieth-centur Cheju.

KBS History Special 역사스페셜
Harvard-Yenching  DVD K-0001(1)-(100)
TV documentaries about various topics in Korean history.
HOLLIS record

Keinan shiseki meishō dansō  慶南史蹟名勝談叢 / Sukata, Shirō  諏方史郎
Basan 馬山 :  Sukata Bukotsu Ikō Kankōkai  諏方武骨遺稿刊行会, Shōwa 2 昭和 2 [1927] 
Harvard-Yenching J 3495.5 0053
HOLLIS record

Keishū shashinchō : [Shiragi no koto]  慶州寫真帖: [新羅の古都]
Keijō 京城 : Hinode Shōkō 日之出商行, Shōwa 11 昭和 11  [1936].
Harvard-Yenching J 3495.4 0032
HOLLIS record
Photographs of Kyŏngju 慶州.

Korea through Australian eyes 1904 호주사진가의눈을통해본한국 1904 / [photographer George Rose; concept/editor Rodney Hall]. [사진조지로스, 컨셉,편집로드니홀]
Sŏul-si 서울시 : Kyobo Mun'go 교보문고, 2004.
Harvard-Yenching (K) DS925.S4 R68 2004
HOLLIS record
Bilingual English-Korean text and photographs describing turn-of-the-century Korea.

Kudara kyūto koseki meishō shashinchō  百濟舊都古蹟名勝寫真帖  / Fuyo Koseki Hozonkai hen  扶餘古蹟保存會編
Fuyo  扶餘 : Fuyo Koseki Hozonkai  扶餘古蹟保存會,   Shōwa 9 昭和 9  [1934] 
Harvard-Yenching J 3492.7 5846
HOLLIS record
Travel account and photographs of Puyŏ 扶餘.

Kyōgensen shashinchō   京元線寫真帖 / Chōsen Sōtokufu Tetsudōkyoku hen 朝鮮総督府鐵道局編
Keijō 京城 : Chōsen Sōtokufu Tetsudōkyoku 朝鮮総督府鐵道局, Taishō 3 大正 3  [1914] 
Harvard-Yenching J 3490 4283
HOLLIS record
Photographs and map from the Trans-Korea railway.

Oech’im kwa t’ujaeng 외침과 투쟁, Imjŏng kwa kwangbok 임정과 광복 / Kyu-hŏn Yi
Sŏul: Sŏmundang, 1987.
Harvard-Yenching (K) 3487.8 4443 (1) HOLLIS record
Harvard-Yenching (K) 3487.8 4443 (2) HOLLIS record
Two-volume set of Sajin ŭro ponŭn tongnip undong 사진으로보는獨立運動 (Resistance Movement through Pictures) series. Photographs of historic events from Sinmi Yangyo (1871) to the liberation of Korea from Japanese rule, focusing on the Korean resistance movement from 1905 to 1945.

A Panorama of 5000 years: Korean History/ Andrew C. Nahm
Elizabeth, N.J.: Hollym International Corp., 1986, c1983.
Harvard-Yenching (W) DS 907.18 .N34 1983
HOLLIS record

P’aran nun e pich’in 100-yŏn chŏn ŭi Han’guk K’oria sŭk’ech’i 파란 눈에 비친 100년 전의 한국 코리아스케치 =The Korea sketches by the westerners, 100 years ago
Sŏul T’ŭkpyŏlsi: Kungnip Minsok Pangmulgwan, 2002.
Harvard-Yenching (K) DS915.27.P3 2002x
HOLLIS record
A collection of photographs, drawings, and illustrations of the late-nineteenth and the early-twentieth century Korea published in Western newspapers and magazines. Images of books on Korea are also included.

Ri Ōke Hakubutsukan shozōhin shashinchō 李王家博物館所藏品寫真帖 / Yi Wangjik Pangmulgwan 李王職博物館
[Seoul?] : Ri Ōshoku李王職, Taishō 1  大正 1  [1912] 
Harvard-Yenching J 6049.9 4134 FOLIO
HOLLIS record
Catalog and historical photographs of art works from the Yi Wangjik Museum.

Sajin ŭro ponŭn Chosŏn sidae: Saenghwal kwa p’ungsok 사진으로 보는 朝鮮時代:생활과 풍속/ P’ung-yŏn Cho
Sŏul: Sŏmundang, 1986.
Harvard-Yenching (K) 3487.8 4862 (1) HOLLIS record
Harvard-Yenching (K) 3487.8 4862 (2) HOLLIS record
Two-volume set of the Chosŏn Dynasty through Pictures series. Photographs of markets, schools, common and noble people, royal palaces and fortresses, and others that show Korean social life and customs of the early 20th century.

Sajin ŭro ponŭn Kŭndae Han’guk: sanha wa pungmul 사진으로 보는 近代韓國 上∙下:산하와 풍물/ Kyu-hŏn Yi
Sŏul: Sŏmundang, 1986.
Harvard-Yenching (K) 3488 4443 (1-2)
HOLLIS record
Photographs of Korea during Japanese rule (1910-1945) are arranged by regions. Images of royal palaces, markets, streets, seaports, Buddhist temples, and many other landscapes.

Sŏyangin i pon Kkorea 서양인이 본 꼬레아/ Yŏng-suk Pak
Sŏul T’ŭkpyŏlsi: Samsŏng Ŏllon Chaedan, 1997.
Harvard-Yenching (K) DS910.2.G7 P35 1997x
HOLLIS record
Published in celebration of 200 years of diplomatic relations between Korea and Britain, this book includes photographs, drawings, and illustrations of the late-nineteenth and the early-twentieth century Korea created by Westerners.

Taehan Minguk chŏngbu kirok sajinjip 대한민국정부기록사진집 = Official photographs of the government of Republic of Korea
Sŏul T’ŭkpyŏlsi: Kukchŏng Hongboch’ŏ, 1999.
Harvard-Yenching (K) DS 917.8.T32 1999 v.1-8.
HOLLIS record
Photographic records of the Korean government since 1948. Eight volumes have been published so far under this series: v.1. 1948-1953; v 2. 1954-1956; v.3. 1957-1958; v.5. 1961-1963; v.6. 1964-1966; v.7. 1967-1968; v. 8.1969-1970.

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Literature, Art, and Film

Korean Literature Translation Institute 한국문학번역원
Korean literature translation institute offers as part of its virtual library "cultural dictionary" (문학영상사전), which provides visual images of unique elements of Korean culture that appear in Korean literature along with explanation in both Korean and English. Searching is in Korean only; users can also browse the database by Korean alphabetical order. The virtual library also includes "literary geography" (문학지도), which offers photographic images relating to famous works of Korean literature and interviews with contemporary Korean writers as audio files.

Korean Modern Literature 100 years 한국문학 100년 (1999)
Harvard-Yenching  CD-ROM (K)-0011
HOLLIS record
Includes 7000 literature-related photographs. In-library use; please request at the circulation desk.

Cultural Heritage Information Center 문화재지식정보센터
The Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea (문화재청) provides information about the cultural treasures of Korea with many images and photographs. The database is fully searchable and organized by date, location, and type.

Old Wood Engravings of Korea 한국의 고판화
A database of old Korean wood engravings provided by the Academy of Korean Studies (한국학중앙연구원). Images are searchable by title and can be browed by subject.

Han’guk ŭi t’al 한국의탈 = Korean Masks/ Chŏn Kyŏng-uk
Sŏul-si: Munhwa Ch’eyukpu, Han’guk Munhwajae Poho Chaedan: Parhaengch’ŏ T’aehaksa, 1996.
Harvard-Yenching | (K) | GT 1748.K6 C47. 1996
HOLLIS record
350 photographs of Korean masks along with their history, origin, and types by region and function.

Han’guk yŏnghwa 80-yŏn 한국영화80년:梁基柱映畵스틸寫眞作品選集 = 80 Years of Korean Cinema / Ki-ju Yang
Han’guk Sajin Munhwawŏn, 1999.
Harvard-Yenching | (K) | PN1993.5.K6 Y36 1999x v.1-2.
HOLLIS record
A collection of still photographs of Korean films from 1959 to 1997. Synopsis is included for each movie with information about its production company, director, leading actor/actress, cinematographer, and production year.

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News and Magazines

Newstoon 뉴스툰
The Association of Korea Editorial Cartoonists (전국시사만화작가회의) provides current Korean news in cartoons both in Korean and in English.

Kyŏktong ŭi sidae: yusin malgi esŏ Yuk Konghwaguk kkaji 激動의時代:유신말기에서 육공화국까지/ Han’guk Ilbosa Charyosil
Sŏul: Han’guk Ilbosa, 1993.
Harvard-Yenching | (K) | DS 922.2.K96 1993x
HOLLIS record
The first volume is a collection of news photographs from the assassination of President Pak in 1979 to the inauguration of President Kim in 1998. Each chapter has a summary of important events of the year on the first page. A detailed chronological table of historic political and social events from 1979 to 1998 is also included at the end of the volume.

Sillok Taehan Min’guk 실록대한민국/ Han’guk Ŏllonin Kŭllŏp
Sŏul : Han’guk Ŏllonin Kŭllŏp, 1996.
Harvard-Yenching | (K) | DS902.14 .S55 1996x v.1-2.
HOLLIS record
A collection of news photographs from 1919 to 1995, which includes those of Imsi Chŏngbu 임시정부, a provisional government in Shanghai. The second volume includes the list of the past members of the administrative, the legislative, the judicial, and local assemblies, the Constitution of the Republic of Korea and of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the inaugural addresses of the past presidents of the Republic of Korea, and a chronological table from 1919 to 1995.

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Views of Seoul and Pyongyang

Kaehang ihu Sŏul ŭi kŭndaehwa wa kŭ siryŏn(1876-1910) 개항 이후 서울의 근대화와 그 시련(1876-1910)/ Sŏul T’ŭkpyŏlsi Sa P’yŏnch’an Wiwŏnhoe
Sŏul T’ŭkpyŏlsi: Sŏul T’ŭkpyŏl Sijang, 2002.
Harvard-Yenching | (K) | Hollis # 9077111
HOLLIS record
Photographs of Seoul from 1876 to 1910 in late Chosŏn dynasty. Images of newspaper articles, maps, and paintings are also included.

Seoul, the Magnetic City/ Peter Hyun and Space Group of Korea
[S.l.]: Space Group, c1984.
Harvard-Yenching |  (W) | DS925.S4 H97 1984 FOLIO
HOLLIS record

Onŭl ŭi P’yŏngyang 오늘의평양/ KBS Yŏngsang Saŏptan
Seoul: KBS Yŏngsang Saŏptan, 2000.
Harvard-Yenching | (K) | DS 937.P943 O59 2000
HOLLIS record

Pyongyang: Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1961; 1975; 1985.
Harvard-Yenching | (W) | DS 925.P9 P8 1961x HOLLIS record
Harvard-Yenching | (W) | DS 925.P9 P96 1975x HOLLIS record
Harvard-Yenching | (W) | DS 925.P943 P96 1985x FOLIO HOLLIS record

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