Introduction to Data Resources for Japan

8. Academic Portals

The following sites provide broad-ranging access to and / or information about social science and data-related resources and scholarship based in Japan.

DNavi (National Diet Library, Database Navigation Service) 国立国会図書館データベース・ナビゲーション・サービス (Japanese language)
A portal to thousands of Japan-based databases. Provides centralized keyword searching as well as browsing by subject category. Numerous databases, some statistical in nature, for politics, economy, and society are available under the social sciences 社会科学 heading. Brief records cataloguing each database are available by clicking on the 書誌icon.

JuNii 大学Webサイト資源検索-試験提供版 (Japanese language)
Portal site created by the National Institute of Informatics which provides access to online information resources produced in the digital libraries and institutional repositories of Japanese universities or other academic institutes. Includes a category for data / software resources 研究資源(データ,ソフトウェア等). Currently available in test edition.

Research Centre for Information and Statistics of Social Science, Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University (English language)
一橋大学経済研究所附属社会科学統計情報研究センター(Japanese language)
The center gathers comprehensive collections of all statistical and statistics-related publication and materials regarding Japan's economy from Meiji era to the present. A description of their collections is available, along with information about collections of documents and information at universities in Japan and links to relevant online catalogs.

The Statistics of Japan 統計リンク集 (Japanese language)
Links to statistical reports and tables on society, environment, economy, military, and politics organized by topic, with some annotation regarding contents and source within topic. Maintained by the Sato Lab 佐藤研究室 in the Department of Comprehensive Policy Making 総合政策学科 of the Faculty of Law and Letters 法文学部 at Ehime University 愛媛大学. Sources of statistics include both government offices and researcher compilations.

Duke University Library East Asian Collection Japanese Studies Resources
Online guide to print and online resources for Japanese Studies. Includes sections on a number of social science topics, such as Economics, Japanese Law, and Political Science. Many of these contain some information on statistics or other data resources. Duke library call numbers and holdings information are also provided.

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