Introduction to Data Resources for Japan

5. Company Data

The resources for company-level data within this section are published by both government agencies and private companies. The data resources provide company history, business personnel, financial statements, earnings reports, annual reports, recent news, and stock exchange information. Access to a few of the company data resources below is restricted to specific locations or is available to subscribers only. These restrictions are noted in the descriptions of the resources. For broader listings of general business-related databases, please also see the Harvard Business School library databases page. Please note that some of these may be restricted to HBS affiliates.

Corporate Direct (Separate Japanese and English interfaces)
Provides basic information about companies, including annual reports, financial statements, and links to company websites. Materials are provided by the companies themselves and are more plentiful in Japanese than in English.

EDI-NET Financial Reports (Japanese language)
EDI-NET (Electronic Disclosure for Investors' NETwork) is operated by the Financial Services Agency of the Japanese government and includes information on Japanese companies since June 2001. Participation is mandatory for traded companies since 2004. Similar to Edgar Online in the United States.

eol ESPer (Japanese language)
Searchable database of financial statements, annual reports, earnings statements, business reports, company guides, IR presentation materials, and press releases for all publicly traded Japanese companies as well as approximately one thousand privately held companies. Yuho 有価証券報告書 coverage to 1984. Previously known as eol DB Tower Service. An English-language interface is under construction.
Note: Harvard does not subscribe to this service, but it is available at many Japanese universities.

Global Markets Information Database (English language) image of a padlock
Statisitics on countries (over 200), markets, consumer lifestyles and companies. The user is able to choose between four formats: statsitics, market reports, companies and shares or sources. A User Guide provides search tips and instructions on how to use the database.

JapanKnowledge ジャパンナレッジ (primarily Japanese language) image of a padlock
JapanKnowledge is a gateway to a variety of resources and publications from Japan. These include the most recent issues of Kaisha shikihō 会社四季報 (see description) and the past two years of Weekly Economist 週刊エコノミスト.

Lexis-Nexis Statistical (English language) image of a padlock
Bibliographic database which indexes and abstracts the statistical content of selected United States government publications (ASI, 1973--), state government publications, business and association publications (SRI, 1980-), and international inter-governmental sources (IIS). Abstracts include a publication's statistical content, primary bibliographic information, and hypertext links where the publications may be viewed, downloaded, and accessed. Some full-text is available electronically (gif, pdf, csv, Excel). All publications are available in microfiche in Government Documents and Microforms (Lamont Library, Level 1).

Mintel Reports (English language) image of a padlock
Mintel provides market and consumer research across multiple International markets and US categories. Each study provides a synthesis of both primary and secondary data and analysis.

NIKKEI goo (Japanese language)
Allows free searching for basic information about companies through its 企業パーフェクトガイド function. Includes company name, place of operation, type of business (e.g. service industry, electronics), and stock price information. Headlines of Nikkei magazines may be searched for free, but viewing of full text requires payment.

Nikkei Telecom 21 日経テレコン21(Japanese language) image of a key
Access in-library only at Harvard-Yenching and Fung Library
Coverage: mid-1980s - present. Varies by newspaper/journal.
Searchable full-text database of over 60 newspapers, including Nikkei and other national papers, local and business/industry papers, and over 60 journals. Primary focus is business and finance. Detailed Japanese company and personnel data, as well as micro- and macro-economic statistics, are also available.

In-library use only: Available in-library at the Documentation Center on Contemporary Japan (Fung Library) and Harvard-Yenching Library. Please ask DCJ staff or Harvard-Yenching circulation or reference staff to log you on. Please note that the service is unavailable between 3 pm and 4 pm daily, Eastern Standard Time.

For more information on using Nikkei Telecom 21, please see Digital Resources for Japanese Studies - Newspapers.

ORBIS (English language) image of a padlock
Orbis is a global database which has information on 16 million companies. There is a wealth of information provided for each company including financial information, annual reports, board members, mergers and acquisitions, and stock data. Peer analyses are also available. The data can be exported in several different formats. This resource includes Amadeus (European companies), Bankscope, ISIS (Insurance Companies), Icarus (information on U.S. companies from Dun & Bradstreet), Jade (Japanese Companies), Osiris (listed companies) and Zephyr (M&A). Data from all the components can be retrieved through the Orbis interface, but the interface for the component databases offer searching and retrieval optimized for the component product.

TableBase (English language) image of a padlock
TableBase collects data from over 1000 publications, including privately published statistical annuals, trade associations, government agencies, non-profit research groups, and industry reports prepared by investment research groups. The data that is available includes market share, company and brand rankings, industry and product forecasts, production and consumption statistics, imports and exports, usage and capacity, number of users/outlets, trends and demographics.

Tōyō Keizai Web 東洋経済 web (Japanese language) image of a padlock
Provides current news on Japanese companies. Two of its publications, Weekly Tōyō Keizai 週刊東洋経済 and Kaisha shikihō 会社四季報, are accessible from 2000 on via Factiva image of a padlock. Its Kigyo-Databank 企業ダータバンク allows keyword searching and browsing of basic information on 3,800 companies, including company URL, address, date established, contact information, stock price summary, etc.

TSE Fact Book 東京証券取引所
Annual reports in English on Japanese securities from 2003 on in pdf format from the Tokyo Stock Exchange. See print resources for Harvard holdings of earlier issues. Issues from 1999 to 2001 are available on CD-ROM HOLLIS record.

Website URL’s of Japanese Companies (English language)
Links to the English-language web pages of 715 Japanese companies, provided by Toyo Keizai Web 東洋経済 web.

Print resources

Japan Company Handbook HOLLIS record
The English-language translation of the quarterly company handbook Kaishi shikihō 会社四季報 published by Tōyō Keizai. Along with various financial data and news (see the description below), these provide the official English names of companies. See also Japan Company Directory HOLLIS record, Japan company handbook. First section firms HOLLIS record, and Japan company handbook. Second section firms HOLLIS record.

Kaisha shikihō 会社四季報 HOLLIS record
The "Quarterly report of companies" covers approximately 300 companies listed in Nikkei 225 as well as selected other companies. Contents include financial results, amendments, and developments which may influence future performance. Available online from 2000 through image of a padlock; the most recent issues are also accessible via JapanKnowledgeジャパンナレッジ image of a padlock.

Fact Book HOLLIS record
Annual reports in English on securities from the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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