Introduction to Data Resources for Japan

4. Economics/Financial Data

The resources within the Economics/Financial Data section of this guide focus on country and sector-level variables, indicators and forecasts. Researchers will find resources for trade, banking, debt, and government and national accounts. Many of the sites have both English and Japanese interfaces; the Japanese-language version is frequently more comprehensive. A selected list of print resources is given below. For historical data in particular, print publications may be the only available source of information. For broader listings of financial databases, please also see the Harvard Business School library databases page. Please note that some of these may be restricted to HBS affiliates.

Bank of Japan (English language)
(Japanese language)
Extensive data on Japanese economy and finance as well as reports on economic and monetary policies are available. The bank’s own Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies 金融研究所 offers many full-text reports in Japanese and English published by the bank since 1997. The Currency Museum 貨幣博物館, another affiliate of the bank, is rich in information on the history of Japanese currency. See also their Statistics, Research, and Studies pages. (English language) image of a padlock
Political, financial and economic risk data with over 75 variables for 140 countries. ICRG (International Country Risk Guide) risk ratings are also included. Data are available from 1984-present.

Development Bank of Japan (English language)
日本政策投資銀行 (Japanese language)
Full text of many of the bank's research papers are available in pdf format. Coverage is more extensive on the Japanese-language site, which also includes handy glossaries of financial terms.

EIU CountryData (English language) image of a padlock
A source of economic indicators and forecasts providing data series on economic structure, foreign payments, exchange rates, external debt stock, external debt service, external trade, trends in foreign trade and quarterly indicators. Other EIU databases available at Harvard include Country Reports, Country Commerce, Country Finance and Country Forecasts.

ESRI-HISTAT-Japan Industrial Productivity Database (1970-98) (English language)
経済分析第170号 産業別生産性と経済成長:1970-98年 ダウンロードデータ (Japanese language)
Joint university - government project. "The database contains annual information on 84 sectors, including 49 non-manufacturing sectors, from 1970 to 1998. These sectors cover the whole Japanese economy. The database includes detailed information on factor inputs, annual nominal and real input-output tables, and some additional statistics, such as R&D stock, capacity utilization rate, Japan's international trade statistics by trade partner, inward and outward FDI, etc., at the detailed sectoral level." The English site contains links to articles on the larger project as well as plans for future work. Data tables are in Excel format. Maintained by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) 経済社会総合研究所, the Cabinet Office 内閣府 think tank.

Global Development Finance (formerly World Debt Tables) (English language) image of a padlock
Contains 218 time-series indicators (country and summary tables), for the years 1970 through 2004; data on total external debt stocks and flows, aggregates, key debt ratios, etc.

Global Financial Data (English language) image of a padlock
Spreadsheet data on stock markets from 1690, exchange rates from 1590, interest rates from 1700, commodities from 1500, inflation from 1264, and more. Stock exchange, socio-demographic, dividend and treasury bond yields, CPI, sector indices (including materials, transport, utilities, industrials, and finances), GDP and interest rate data are all available for Japan.

International Financial Statistics Online (English language) image of a padlock
This database contains time series data from 1948. It provides international statistics on international and domestic finance. Reports are made on most countries of the world detailing exchange rates, international liquidity, interest rates, money and banking, prices, inflation, deflation, government accounts, national accounts, and international transactions.

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Statistics and Surveys (English language)
(Japanese language)
Links to trade-related government announcements, information on import-export regulations, trade and investment statistics, survey reports, and JETRO services. The English-language site has information primarily from 2000 on, although certain items may have coverage back to the late 1990s. The Japanese-language site has much more information. Both current and long-term (1958-2002) statistics are available in Excel format, as well as a database of trade statistics 貿易統計データベース. Survey reports are available in pdf format.

Keizai Koho Center (English language)
経済広報センター (Japanese language)
Information and reports on world economic trends from the Japan Institute for Social and Economic Affairs, an independent, nonprofit organization supported by industrial organizations and individual Japanese and foreign-affiliated firms. Includes past issues of the English-language annual compilation of comparative economic data, Japan: An International Comparison (1998-2005) and the monthly report, Japan Economic Currents: A Commentary on Economic and Business Trends (October 2000 - present) in pdf format .

Nippon Keidanren (English language)
(Japanese language)
Site of Japan’s most influential business interest group. Includes the text of statements and proposals made by the group; information about their publications, with some full text; and links to a range of business organizations.

RIETI Database (English language)
データベース・統計資料 (Japanese language)
"Quantitative Analysis and Database" cluster for systematic maintenance of databases that are used in policy analysis relating to economy, trade, and industry. Introduces summaries of each project and data which are open to the public and available for use outside of RIETI. The English-language page has less content and it is primarily in the form of reports or descriptions. The Japanese-language includes a larger number of items and provides data as zip or csv files. Provided by the Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI) 経済産業研究所, an incorporated administrative agency with non-civil servant status founded in 2001.

Source OECD (English language) image of a padlock
SourceOECD provides online access to the many publications put out by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Publications and databases include country studies, forecasting publications, reports, periodicals, and socio-economic databases. Topics covered include agriculture, developing economies, education, employment, energy, environment, migration, social issues, and sustainable development. The Measuring Globalisation database contains data indicative of the industrial activity of multinational firms under foreign control in the OECD countries. It focuses particularly on the areas of production, employment, international trade and research from 1983 to 1997.

Print resources

Annual bulletin of the financial and economic studies 重要經濟統計 HOLLIS record
Data for the pre-war period from 1913.

Annual report on national accounts 国民経済計算年報 HOLLIS record
Information on national income in Japanese prepared by the Economic Council Board from 1979. From 1996 on, CD-ROMs may be available. Continues the earlier Annual report on national income statistics 国民所得統計年報 HOLLIS record (1966-1978) and National income statistics of Japan HOLLIS record (1951-1965). Harvard has only a few issues of the last.

Annual return of the foreign trade of the Empire of Japan 大日本外國貿易年表 HOLLIS record
Foreign trade data from 1882 through 1960 in English and Japanese. Harvard-Yenching Library has numerous issues, although holdings are not complete. Continued in 1961 and 1962 by Trade of Japan 日本貿易年表 HOLLIS record. From 1963 on, this series is split into two publications: Trade of Japan. Country by commodity 日本貿易年表. 国別品別編 HOLLIS record and Trade of Japan. Commodity by country 日本貿易年表. 品別国別編 HOLLIS record.

Economic Statistics Monthly 経済統計月報 HOLLIS record
Economic and financial statistics in Japanese and English compiled by the Bank of Japan. Continues the earlier Financial Statistics Monthly 金融統計月報 HOLLIS record. Since 1999, it is published as Financial and economic statistics monthly 金融経済統計月報 HOLLIS record.

Economic Statistics Annual 経済統計年報 HOLLIS record
Statistical data on the Japanese economy from 1967 through 1997. Includes such information as Tankan (短期経済観測調査 Short-term economic survey of enterprises in Japan), wholesale price indexes, corporate service price indexes, manufacturing input-output price indexes, and main economic indicators. Data may be in Japanese and / or English. Continues the earlier Economic Statistics of Japan 本邦経済統計 HOLLIS record, which began in 1919. Published by the Bank of Japan.

Industrial Statistics Monthly 通産統計 HOLLIS record
Bulletin of statistics on industry and commerce since the late 1940s. Includes numerical indices, actual figures, and local indices. For older issues, content is in Japanese, but tables of contents may have parallel English and Japanese titles. Continues the earlier 商工統計月報 HOLLIS record and 通産統計月報 HOLLIS record and is currently published as Link経済産業統計 HOLLIS record.

Japan: An International Comparison HOLLIS record
Annual compilation of comparative economic data in English from the Keizai Koho Center 経済広報センター. Online access available for 1998-2005.

Japan Economic Currents HOLLIS record
Monthly English-language reports on the economy from the Keizai Koho Center 経済広報センター. Available online from the first issue.

Kenmin keizai keisan nenpō 県民経済計算年報 HOLLIS record
Annual reports of national income at the county level. Continues the earlier Kenmin shotoku tōkei nenpō 県民所得統計年報.

Sekai no tōkei 世界の統計 HOLLIS record
Annual compilation of international statistics by the Ministry of Finance. Data from 1994. Continues the earlier Kokusai tōkei yōran 国際統計要覧 HOLLIS record, which begins in 1951.

Monthly return of the foreign trade of the Empire of Japan 大日本外国貿易月表 HOLLIS record
Foreign trade data in Japanese and English from 1883. Harvard-Yenching Library holds issues from 1905 on, although holdings are not complete. Continued 1927 - 1940 by Monthly return of the foreign trade of Japan 日本外国貿易月表 HOLLIS record. Compiled by the Ministry of Finance 大蔵省.

National Accounts Journal 国民経済計算 HOLLIS record
Quarterly publication on national income from the Economic Research Institute 経済研究所 from 1971. Continues the earlier National economics accounts quarterly 季刊国民経済計算 HOLLIS record (1963-1971).

Report on national accounts from 1955 to 1998 国民経済計算報告 : 長期遡及主要系列: 平成2年基準(昭和30年--平成 10) HOLLIS record
Primarily tabular data from the Economic and Social Research Institute of the Cabinet Office.

Tōyō keizai tōkei geppō 東洋經濟統計月報 HOLLIS record
Monthly economic statistics from 1939. Primarily in Japanese, some English content is included from 1987 on. Post-1987 issues also have the English title Toyo keizai monthly statistics. Harvard-Yenching has most issues since 1939.

Weekly Economist 週刊エコノミスト
A Mainichi publication focusing on politics and business since 1923. Available online from March 1998 via image of a padlock and for the last two years through JapanKnowledge ジャパンナレッジ image of a padlock. This periodical is held in print at Harvard-Yenching Library HOLLIS record and Fung Library HOLLIS record. See the HOLLIS records for specific holdings; the title has changed over the years. An index Link週刊エコノミスト目次総覧 covering 1923-1998 is also available HOLLIS record.

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