Introduction to Data Resources for Japan

2. Government Statistical Resources

The following is a selective list of important websites for government statistical offices in Japan, as well as a brief list of some major print resources. These sites provide a wide range of statistical and other data about various aspects of the Japanese economy, society, politics, population, and infrastructure. They are often a good first stop for research. Many of the sites have both English and Japanese interfaces. In most cases, the Japanese language site is more comprehensive.

For historical data in particular, print publications may be the only available source of information. Some government publications are also listed under specific subject headings such as economics/financial data.

The Portal site of statistical data in Japan (English language)
統計データ・ポータルサイト (Japanese language)
Gateway to official statistics from the Japanese government, classified by subject. Similar to the United States resource "FedStat," this website provides direct access to all Japanese statistical agencies. Users can search by category or search across all Ministries that collect data. Summaries of data, information about its collection, and copies of reports are available for many subjects in pdf or html format. Contact information for sales offices or other providers is also given. Please note that not all information is available online, so some data may lack links. The Cross-Ministry Searching 各府省横断検索 function is helpful in finding white papers, newsreels, and other statistics-related information, but it does not find data. White papers may also be browsed by subject category or by ministry under the statistical site map 府省等統計サイトマップsection.

Statistics Bureau (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication) (English language)
総務省 ・統計局 ・政策統括官(統計基準担当)・統計研修所 (Japanese language)
The Statistics Bureau designs, conducts and disseminates the official censuses and surveys in Japan, including the Population Census, Internal Migration Statistics, and housing and land surveys. For some surveys, statistical information may be downloaded in Excel format. The Japanese-language site gives a link to a list of available Excel files.

This site also provides access to the Japan Statistical Yearbook 日本統計年鑑, Japan Monthly Statistics 総合月次統計データベース, Japan in Figures 日本の統計, Statistical Handbook of Japan ポケット統計情報, and Historical Statistics of Japan 日本の長期統計系列 (covering 1868-2002; coverage varies by topic). A "world statistics" compilation, 世界の統計, is provided in Japanese only. Tables are generally provided in Excel format for download; other information is in pdf or html format. Please see the Print resources section below for Harvard holdings for these publications.

Agency for Natural Resources and Energy (English language)
資源エネルギー庁 (Japanese language)
Provides information about the agency, energy policy, and white papers, reports, and statistics on a variety of energy-related topics. Information is available in a variety of formats, including Excel, pdf, and html. Not all reports provided on the Japanese-language site have an English equivalent.

Bank of Japan - Statistics, Research, and Studies (English language)
日本銀行 調査・研究・統計
(Japanese language)
Links to reports, opinion surveys, publications, and statistics from the Bank of Japan. Reports, publications, and surveys are typically provided in pdf or html format, while statistical data is in Excel, lzh, or csv files. Coverage is primarily from the post-2000 period. Statistics include data on money stock and flow of funds; the Tankan (短期経済観測調査 Short-Term Economic Survey of Enterprises in Japan); the corporate goods price index (CGPI); BOP (cross-border economic transactions), time-series data, and a variety of other topics. Content is much richer on the Japanese-language site.

Cabinet Office - Statistics (English language)
内閣府- 統計情報・調査結果 (Japanese language)
Statistics available from the Cabinet Office include monthly economic reports, business-related surveys (outlook, conditions, consumer, confidence, etc), and national accounts. It is also possible to set up e-mail service (ESRI) so you are notified of new additions to the site or to particular categories. The English-language site notes where content is available but only in Japanese. Reports are generally provided in html or pdf format, and statistics in Excel or html format.

Japan Patent Office - Reference Room (English Language)
特許庁・資料室 (Japanese language)
Links to a variety of resources, statistics, and reports relating to patents, including the Industrial Property Digital Library (IPDL) 特許電子図書館. The IPDL allows searching of IP gazettes for information on patent and utility models, design, trademarks, and figures. Contents of both the Patent Office site and the IPDL are richer for the Japanese-language versions. Statistical information in Japanese is more extensive and given in many cases in both pdf and csv formats. Coverage is primarily of the post-2000 period.

J-STORE: JST Science and Technology Research Result Database for Enterprise Development 科学技術振興機構研究成果展開総合データベース (primarily Japanese)
Maintained by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), this site provides information on the research results of universities, national research institutes, JST, and other organizations that may be licensed for commercial application. Most of the site and the patent descriptions are in Japanese, but the international patents search has an English interface.

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan (English Language)
農林水産省―統計 (Japanese language)
Provides links to statistical and policy reports on a wide range of topics related to the Ministry's activities. The English page offers annual reports, overall surveys, and recent monthly statistics with the data given in pdf or htm format. The Japanese-language page has richer content, including statistics broken down by industry, food type (rice, processed foods, etc.), year, city/town/village, and so on, in a variety of formats including Excel.

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) (English language)
経済産業省-- 政策を深く調べる (Japanese language)
A major site for current information on political economy such as industrial output, major indices, petroleum statistics, etc. The English-language home page links to white papers and reports from the late 1990s on in pdf or html format. Topics covered include WTO issues, small- and medium-size businesses, energy, surveys of industrial economic trends, and a variety of others. The statistics section provides reports on indices, manufacturing, commerce, service, energy consumption, enterprise, analysis, and input-output. Data may frequently be downloaded in Excel as well as pdf format, and in some cases csv files are also available. The section of the Japanese-language site devoted to further information about policy includes statistics 統計 and white papers / reports 白書・報告書 with more detailed content and breakdowns in similar formats. There are also links for relevant legislative initiatives 所管法令, materials prepared for government committees and research 審議会・研究会, information on budgets, taxes, and financial investment 予算・税・財投, and evaluations of policy 政策評価 and technology 技術評価.

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology - Statistics (English language)
文部科学省 -- 統計情報 (Japanese language)
Provides statistical information in pdf, Excel, and csv. The Japanese-language site gives more information about the methods used to collect the data and more years of data.

Ministry of the Environment - Statistics (English language)
環境統計・調査結果等 (Japanese language)
The English-language page provides summary information on environment-related topics in Japan and internationally in html format. The Japanese-language page includes both statistics and survey results. There is a list of surveys and reports conducted by the ministry with information on where they are held; a database that allows searching for statistical reports and surveys on environmental issues published on the web; and a compendium of environmental statistics 環境統計集. The compendium may be browsed, and the data tables can be downloaded in Excel format. Links to white papers and environmental standards, as well as to other governmental statistical sites, are also available.

Ministry of Finance (English language)
(Japanese language)
Homepage for the major governmental body dealing with the economy. The English-language statistics page links to a range of English-language reports on trade, investment, and finance in html format. The Japanese-language statistics 統計資料 page provides a greater number of complete reports in pdf format with html summaries and release schedules. Time depth varies by report, but goes back to the mid- to late- 1990s for many. Issues covered include government budget, government bonds, trade statistics, balance of payments, etc. The database データベース page gives links to search systems for Ministry of Finance directives and reports on state propery and to digitized budget reports (1947 - 2001).

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare - Statistics (English language)
厚生労働省統計調査結果 (Japanese language)
Ministry-issed statistical reports and data. Contents are fuller on the Japanese-language site. The English-language site includes links to summary reports in html format with descriptions of surveys conducted by the Ministry. The MHLW Statistical Database 厚生労働省統計表データベースシステム provides data from major surveys on health, labor, and welfare. Lists of links to surveys and survey data and search interfaces are available. Data and reports are provided in various formats, including Excel, zip, and pdf files. Statistical surveys may also be browsed in a list by category with links to data in Excel format. Coverage goes back to the late 1990s.

Ministry of Justice - White Papers and Statistics 法務省・白書・統計 (Japanese only)
Links to reports on crime, human rights education, immigration policy, and ministry yearbooks. Coverage is for the last several years in html or pdf format. Quick links to recent statistical information on a variety of topics (e.g. civil cases) are provided in html format. The Ministry of Justice statistical database 法務統計DB provides a list of downloadable statistical reports in Excel format arranged by topic. General information in English about the Ministry's activities may be found on the Ministry of Justice home page.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (English language)
国土交通省 (Japanese language)
Statistical publications from this Ministry include both monthly and annual data on construction and housing starts, construction costs and construction investments, building and land ownership and transportation statistics. The Japanese-language 統計情報 page offers significantly more content; format varies among pdf, html and Excel. Coverage is from the mid-1990s. The 調査報告 section provides reports of surveys conducted by the ministry in pdf format. White papers 白書 are also available.

National Police Agency (English language)
警察庁 (Japanese language)
The statistics 統計 section includes reports in pdf or html format on a number of police-related topics from the last few years. A link to information and statistics about cyber-crime is also given. The white papers 白書 section provides Agency white papers from 1973 on in html format. The English-language page provides English-language versions of the some of the reports and policies available on the Japanese site.

National Tax Agency - Tax Statistics (English language)
国税庁・統計情報 (Japanese language)
The English-language page provided statistical reports for fiscal years 1999 - 2003, although not all categories are available for each year. Major categories are overview, direct national tax, indirect national tax, collection, and other. Explanations of the tables and the tables themselves are in pdf format.

The Japanese-language page provides reports for a much greater range of categories and a longer span of time. On the national level (as on the English page) data is available from 1997-2005 in pdf or html format with more detail. Long-term series back to 1949 are also available in Excel format. There are also reports, information and data on other topics, including

Statistic Bureau Union guide to government statistics, Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications (English language)
総務省統計局統計情報総合案内 (Japanese language)
Gateway to statistics generated by government offices. Besides official statistics, it also provides online versions of the Japan Statistical Yearbook 日本統計年鑑 and Monthly Statistics of Japan 日本統計月報.

Print resources

Historical Statistics of Japan 日本の長期統計総覧 HOLLIS record
An earlier, print version of the 日本の長期統計系列 provided online by the Statistics Bureau.

Japan in Figures 日本の統計 HOLLIS record (earlier holdings) and HOLLIS record (more recent issues)
Published every three years from 1956 to 1962, and annually from 1964.

Japan Statistical Yearbook 日本統計年鑑 HOLLIS record
Annual statistics from 1949 in Japanese and English. Issues from 1997 on may be accompanied by CD-ROMS. See the individual holding libraries for specific details, or consult the Government Documents/Microforms CDs HOLLIS record. Continues 大日本帝國統計年鑑 HOLLIS record, which covers 1882 through 1941.

Monthly Statistics of Japan 日本統計月報 HOLLIS record
Monthly statistical report from the Bureau of Statistics. Content in Japanese and English from 1997 on. Prior to this, an English table of contents is available from 1978; there are also separately published supplements and guides in English. Continues the earlier Monthly Bulletin of Statistics 統計月報 HOLLIS record.

Statistical Handbook of Japan ポケット統計情報 HOLLIS record
Annual summary of statistics from the Bureau of Statistics.

Tōkei jōhō indekkusu 統 計情報インデックス HOLLIS record
Annual index to Japanese statistics from 1992 provided by the Statistics Bureau 総務省統計局. It continues Tōkei jōhō sōsakuin 統計情報総索引, of which Harvard-Yenching Library holds scattered issues (1981, 1984, 1989-1991) under call number J 4040 2102.6 (sample HOLLIS record).

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