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8. Statistics and Data

This section includes information about and links to online and CD-ROM sources for statistical and other numeric data for mainland China and Taiwan, as well as suggestions about where to find relevant resources at Harvard.

For more information on statistical and other data sources at Harvard, please consult the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies Collection of the Fung Library, which focuses on social science materials relating to contemporary China; the Harvard-Yenching Library, which collects broadly on China and East Asia; the Numeric Data Collection; and the Foreign Documents Collection of Government Documents/ Microforms in Lamont Library.

For information on China-related GIS work at Harvard or help with GIS, please consult the Map Collection and the Center for Geographic Analysis.

China-specific resources

China Data Online (Harvard ID/PIN required) Full View/Short View

Coverage: Varies with source. Primarily late 1990s to present
Provides statistical information from the National Bureau of Statistics of the People's Republic of China in English. Some modules offer dual display in Chinese and English.

Includes China Yearly Macro-economy Statistics (1949-), China Monthly Macro-economy Statistics (1998-), Monthly Reports on Economy Development (2002-), China City Statistics (1996-), China County Statistics (1997-), China Industrial Data (2001-), and various statistical yearbooks (2002-), as well as provincial and county-level data from the 2000 census.

Searching is possible to different extents for different resources. For example, the China Statistics module allows you to select various categories to search. In the census module, only browsing is possible for pre-2000 data. For 2000 census and statistical yearbooks, only the titles may be searched. Data is presented in tabular format and can be downloaded as an Excel file or copied and pasted.

China County & City Population 1999 FAQ Full View/Short View

Information about the 1999 PRC Public Security Bureau census to county level. The data itself may be downloaded from the China Historical GIS webpage.

The CHGIS site also provides a number of other geographically-related data files, as well as FAQ sections for many of them

China in Time and Space (CITAS) 1990 census data Full View/Short View

Requires registration with the CHGIS site for download. Please click on datasets to get to the registration link.

China in Time and Space (CITAS) data Full View/Short View

CITAS data sets include vectorized base maps of China, georeferenced socioeconomic data, bibliographic resources and utilities for coding data of administrative units. Not all data is available for downloading from the website, but contact information is provided.

Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan, R.O.C.(Twain)
Full View/Short View

Besides information on policy and county and city level reports, this site also holds data from the Social Development Trends Survey.

中華民國臺灣地區 ... 家庭收支調查報告=
Report on the survey of family income & expenditure in Taiwan area of Republic of China Full View/Short View

Government Documents / Microforms (Lamont) Ch Doc 1008.305 
Fung Library Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies HC430.5.Z9 I519
Harvard-Yenching Harvard Depository MLC-C

National Bureau of Statistics of China 中华人民共和国国家统计局 Full View/Short View

The official PRC website for statistics. Provides information about the agency, laws & regulations, statistical standards, survey programs, statistical indicators, statistical data, and links to provincial statistical websites.

CD-ROM Materials
The following CD-ROMs may be used on the Chinese research workstation in the Harvard-Yenching Library reading room. Please request them at the circulation or reference desk by call number.

Tabulation on the 2000 Population Census of the PRC 中国2000年人口普查资料 Full View/Short View

Harvard-Yenching Library | CD-ROM (C) 4030 6178.5 Suppl.

Chinese population census [computer file] : 1953, 1964, 1982, 1990, 1995 =
Chung-kuo jen k'ou p'u ch'a
[中国人口普查] Full View/Short View

Government Documents / Microforms (Lamont) | CD-ROM Doc | HA4635 .C454 1997x

Hong Kong (China). Census and Statistics Dept. Ren kou pu cha 2001. Di tu wei du guang die
[人口普查 2001. 地圖唯讀光碟] = 2001 population census : MAP on CD-ROM. Full View/Short View

Government Documents / Microforms (Lamont) | CD-ROM Doc | HA4651.5 2001cdx2

中華民國臺閩地區人口統計 = Taiwan-Fukien demographic fact book, Republic of China. Full View/Short View

Government Documents / Microforms (Lamont) | CD-ROM Doc | HA1710.5 .A1855
Harvard-Yenching | CD-ROM (C) HA1710.5 .A1855
(Please see HOLLIS for information on print holdings)

Many yearbooks (年鉴) and gazetteers (地方志) are accompanied by CD-ROMs, although the discs may or may not be noted in the HOLLIS record. Please check the books or consult reference staff at Harvard-Yenching Library or the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies Collection regarding CD-ROM accompaniments to print sources.

To search for yearbooks or gazetteers in HOLLIS, try the following search strategies:
  1. Go to Expanded Search
  2. Choose "title words" and in the search box, put 年鉴 or 年鑑 for yearbooks or for gazetteers. You may want to add more terms, such as place or industry names, to limit results further (e.g. 统计年鉴).
  3. Limit language to Chinese (otherwise, you will retrieve results in Japanese and Korean also).
  4. Click Search.
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General Data Resources

The following are selected statistical and data resources which provide some information on China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao. For more information on using data resources at Harvard, see the "Data (US and International)" research guides. These include introductions to a wide range of online, CDROM, microform, and print sources for data from around the world. Full View/Short View

Coverage: 1984 - present
Political, financial and economic risk data with over 75 variables for 140 countries. ICRG risk ratings are also included.

Technical Requirements:Internet Explorer required for full functionality.

Note: Harvard University has a full subscription to Current Harvard faculty, students and staff are not required to pay for the data even though a price will display. Simply click on the icons "Get Data" and "Proceed" to access the data. The subscription does not include PRS Online or ICRG Online.

Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Country Data Full View/Short View

Coverage: Data from 1980 and forecasts to 2009
source of economic indicators and forecasts providing data series on economic structure, foreign payments, external debt stock, external debt service, external trade, trends in foreign trade, and quarterly indicators.

Other EIU databases available at Harvard: EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) Country Commerce; EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) Country Finance; EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) Country Forecast; and EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) Country Reports.

LexisNexis Statistical Full View/Short View

Coverage: Varies by source. American Statistical Index(ASI),1973-; Statistical Reference Index (SRI), 1980- ; Index to International Statistics (IIS), 1983-
English-language bibliographic database that indexes and abstracts the statistical content of selected publications. Although much of the information is US-related, there is also a strong international component, including information on mainland China, Taiwan, and other parts of East Asia.

Various Harvard Libraries provide print versions of the indexes and abstracts. Search HOLLIS for availability. The record number (the number beginning with ASI, IIS or SRI) in the abstract can be used to find the full text microfiche edition held in the Government Documents & Microforms Library.

The abstracts may also contain a link to the full text of the table and/or a link to the agency's web site where the full text of the publication may be viewed and downloaded. Full text documents are available in a variety of formats, including GIF image, Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), Comma Separated Value (CSV), and Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Polling the Nations Full View/Short View

Coverage:   1986-
A comprehensive compilation of public opinion surveys, containing the full text of more than 350,000 questions and responses from 14,000 surveys conducted by 700 polling organizations from 1986 to the present in the United States and more than 80 other countries. Each record provides a question asked and the responses given. Also included is the polling organization responsible for the poll, the sample size and the date the poll was released.

Some information on polls done by foreign organizations in mainland China (over 600), Hong Kong (over 300), and Taiwan (about 150) is included.

United Nations Common Database (UNCDB) Full View/Short View

Coverage: Varies by series, some dating back to 1944. However, the starting date does not indicate availability of data for every year in the range. Check "Series details" for date of latest update of a particular series.
Provides access to hundreds of statistical series for all countries and areas of the world. The series can be accessed alphabetically, by source (i.e. the originating international organization), or by topics. Includes UN data on merchandise trade, national accounts, demography and population, energy, status of women and industrial commodities production, as well as statistics from a range of other organizations.

Browse through the series in a single consolidated list, or list series by source or by topic. Single series for up to ten countries can be chosen and viewed in HTML. For more than one series and country, choose "Advanced Data Selection."

Technical requirements: Does not currently work with Internet Explorer. For small queries retrieval and viewing can be done in Excel within the program. Larger queries can be exported as Excel or database files.

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