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Reading RSS Feeds in Mozilla Firefox

If you use Firefox, after clicking on the “Subscribe Now” button, use the pull-down menu to select which reader you will use to view the feed - Firefox’s built-in Live Bookmarks feature, or Web-based readers such as Bloglines, My Yahoo or Google.


If you select the Live Bookmarks feature, you must choose where you would like to the feed to appear - either in your Bookmarks Menu or in your Bookmarks Toolbar. Regardless of where a feed appears, the information will be displayed the same way. Firefox displays RSS feeds as a list of links which take you directly to news items within a Web site.


To read a feed which has been added to your Bookmarks Menu, click on Bookmarks in the menu bar of your browser. Feeds appear in your list of bookmarks as folders with the RSS icon and the name of the feed you subscribed to - for example: the Harvard College Library News feed will appear in your bookmarks as "Harvard College Library News." Click on the folder to list the items in a feed. To read the full story or announcement, click on any of the items.


Feeds which are added to your Bookmarks Toolbar appear as a folder with the RSS icon in your browser's toolbar. Click on the folder for a list of items on the feed, then click on any of the items to read the full story or announcement.


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