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We have included this archive reference page for your convenience. The stories are arranged in order by dateline.

Links in archived stories may no longer be active, and the Library will not be updating them.



1/8/16 A playful turn for libraries
12/23/15 Testament to Manchukuo
12/11/15 Unraveling Mexican secrets
12/9/15 Marc McGee Wins 2015 Ishimoto Award
11/18/15 Internet-era Students, Meet Rare Books
11/6/15 A miracle of preservation
11/4/15 A digital portrait of Colonial life
10/20/15 Tozzer receives LEED Gold certification<
9/25/15 A childlike vision artfully refined
9/18/15 History in the making
8/27/15 New User Research Center Opens Its Doors
7/31/15 Uncovering what Thoreau uncovered
6/1/15 Widener Library Centennial Celebration
5/22/15 100 years of Widener
5/20/15 Ode to a venerable library
5/15/15 Down the rabbit hole at Houghton
5/11/15 Robert Darnton closes the book
5/1/15 Picturing Harvard's past
5/1/15 Picturing Harvard's past
4/17/15 Celebrating Widener
3/30/15 A close glimpse of James Baldwin
2/12/15 Unmasking minstrelsy
2/5/15 Tome Raider
1/29/15 Flaherty retrospective to include Irish gem

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12/2/14 Lamont Tumblr Announced
12/1/14 At Harvard, Technology Resurrects Long-Silent Voices Of Poets
11/19/14 Angela Lansbury's long run
11/18/14 Encounters with Tennessee Williams
10/27/14 Forgotten Jewish fighters
10/27/14 Making ‘The Friedkin Connection’ at Harvard
10/23/14 Is that Wallace Stevens?
10/8/14 Stages of conflict
10/1/14 A Goodly Company
9/25/14 World War I revisited in posters and maps
9/24/14 Spreading the knowledge
9/22/14 A bookbinding bonanza
9/9/14 Library Staff Welcome Freshmen at Annual Open House
9/9/14 Pforzheimer Fellows: What They Learned
9/5/14 The early Audubon
8/27/14 Of books, trees, and knowledge
8/26/14 Lost voices of 1953
8/14/14 Search Books & Articles Together!
8/14/14 Open House at Lamont Introduces Freshmen to Harvard's Libraries
8/12/14 Food for Thought at Schlesinger and the University Archives
8/5/14 New Book: Harvard Judaica in the 21st Century
7/29/14 Tozzer Library Reopens in Newly Renovated Building
6/30/14 A snapshot of campus
6/26/14 The genesis of genius
6/25/14 Scrolls and scrolling
6/16/14 Why write zines?
6/5/14 Tom Hyry named Florence Fearrington librarian of Houghton Library
5/30/14 Harvard-Yenching Library becomes permanent member of China Academic Digital Associative Library (CADAL)
5/23/14 HarvardX course to feature items from the HUH
5/5/14 Sarah Thomas elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
5/2/14 Collecting stories from afar
4/30/14 Harvard Review essay, cover art honored in the Best American series and Print Magazine
4/28/14 Illuminating the Dark Ages
4/15/14 Harry's books
4/10/14 Digital record of a stand against chaos
4/4/14 From the Harvard Library to Fenway, Red Sox Organist Says He's Ready for Opener
4/3/14 Hearkening to herbs
4/1/14 Reality, fiction in Italy's empire
3/31/14 A storied visit
3/26/14 Hofer Prize winners announced
3/25/14 Before the baton, a red pencil
3/24/14 Widener Library Tumblr announced
3/18/14 A new chapter in verse
3/18/14 Pilot Project Adds 1000+ E-Books
3/5/14 Grasping with the eyes
3/3/14 Digitizing a 600 Year-Old Scroll
3/3/14 Fried Foster's user-centered design finds space at Harvard’s libraries
2/28/14 Widener opens doors for Junior Parents Weekend
2/25/14 Tiny stages, grand creativity
2/19/14 Bach to Bach
2/19/14 Big skies, dusty trails
2/18/14 In the light of the night
1/28/14 Wintersession looks forward, to the past
1/28/14 Judaica Division Receives $1 Million Grant for Digitization
1/21/14 Treasures to have and to hold at the Loeb Music Library
1/13/14 Harvard-Yenching Library publication wins National Award in China
1/13/14 News Photo Scanner Speeds Lamont, Widener Exit Lines, Improves Collection Security

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12/23/13 A map for that
12/20/13 2012-2013 Carol Ishimoto Award for Distinguished Service
12/17/13 Tumblr names Houghton Library blog to "New and Notable" list
12/15/13 Hauser Digital Teaching and Learning Studio to launch in Widener
12/11/13 Tea's the Season
12/10/13 Found in Translation
11/13/13 Do you hear what I hear?
11/08/13 Lamont Library Welcomes Freshmen Parents
10/31/13 HCL Bids Fond Farewell to Paul Bellenoit
10/23/13 The Digital Dickinson
10/17/13 Time Capsule Marks Tozzer Renovation
10/09/13 Cabot Library, Re-imagined
09/25/13 Sarah Thomas to Oversee FAS Libraries
09/13/13 Library Staff Introduce Freshmen to the Libraries
08/29/13 Libraries Welcome New Grad Students
05/14/13 Undergraduate Book Collecting Winners Recognized
05/02/13 Hofer Prize Winners Announced
03/07/13 HCL Staff Honored with FAS Dean’s Distinction Awards
03/05/13 Widener Welcomes Junior Parents
02/25/13 HCL Welcomes New Staff
02/19/13 State of the Art Sound Lab Opens at Loeb
02/12/13 New Lactation Room
01/31/13 Help Fight Cancer with Daffodil Days
01/29/13 Multimedia Immersion

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10/11/12 Lamont Extends Hours in December
09/12/12 Open House Introduces Freshmen to Harvard's Libraries
08/21/12 HCL Welcomes Freshmen with Annual Open House
06/04/12 Middle Eastern Division Receives Gift
05/07/12 Student Bibliophiles Recognized
04/11/12 Lamont Open 24/7 for Reading Period and Exams
03/02/12 Junior Parents Gather at Widener
02/29/12 Dean’s Distinction Awards Honor HCL’s Hussein, Kornilowicz, and Sheridan
02/23/12 Rethinking Tozzer Space

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12/30/11 Film Archive Steals the Show
12/13/11 2011 HCL Holiday Party
12/08/11 Tudesco, Miller Honored with Ishimoto Award
12/1/11 Harvard-Yenching's 2011 Holiday Cards
11/16 /11 HCL Names Excellence in Service Award Winners
10/17/11 ACT UP Archive Goes to Harvard
10/04/11 HCL Takes Part in Harvard's 375th
09/19/11 HCL Green Efforts on Track
09/01/11 Freshman Open House 2011
08/29/11 Grad Students Pack Library Sessions
08/10/11 Freshman Open House: Come for the Food and Prizes, Stay for the Tours
07/27/11 Award-Winning Video Screened at ALA
07/20/11 Six More HCL Units Go Green
07/15/11 Houghton Explores the Many Sides of Thackeray
07/05/11 Unique Bradstreet Manuscript Preserved
06/30/11 Grant to Honor Jan Merrill-Oldham
06/14/11 QR Codes Reveal Hidden Messages in Maps
06/07/11 Khemraj Completes Administrative Fellowship
05/31/11 Danielson Departs HCL for NYU
05/25/11 Nancy Cline Retires to Accolades
05/19/11 Staff Train for "Wet Book" Rescue
05/17/11 Solti Archive Goes to Harvard’s Loeb Music Library
05/17/11 Open Session Focuses on Research, Teaching and Learning
05/04/11 Best American Picks Harvard Review Selections
04/29/11 Four Recognized with Undergraduate Book Collecting Prize
04/12/11 And the Winners Are...
04/11/11 Learn to Preserve the Treasures in Your Library
04/08/11 Emily Dickinson and the Sublime: A Talk by Professor Helen Vendler
04/07/11 An Interview with Christina Davis
04/01/11 The Art of Going Green
03/31/11 Digitizing Audio for Beginners
03/28/11 A VITAL Tool for Teaching and Learning
03/22/11 Music Treasures Consortium Launched
03/10/11 Sustainability Profile: Tom Lingner
03/08/11 Junior Parents Gather at Widener
02/28/11 Merrill-Oldham Receives Lifetime Achievement Award (Harvard University Library News)
03/03/11 Open Session Focuses on Technical Services Planning
02/25/11 The Woodberry Going Strong at 80
02/25/11 Congratulations to HCL’s Dean's Distinction Awardees!
02/18/11 At the Midterm the System Gets an “A”
02/22/11 Help Fight Cancer with Daffodil Days
02/16/11 Deb Morley Departs for MIT Libraries
02/09/11 Tuned Up Tool for Music Scholars
01/28/11 We Did It!
01/24/11 Fliss Selected 2011-12 ARL Research Library Leadership Fellow
01/20/11 The Bible as a Typographical Challenge
01/18/11 Maps Forge Cohesive National Character
01/14/11 Conservation Work Saves Blackwood Films
01/10/11 Renovation Reuses/Recycles 96%
01/06/11 Technology Speeds Audio Preservation

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12/20/10 Laura Farwell Blake Accepts I Love My Librarian Award
12/17/10 Scholar Presents Christian Material to Middle Eastern Division
12/14/10 Chinese Official Presents Material to Harvard-Yenching
12/10/10 Libraries Take Part in Digital Humanities Fair
12/08/10 2010 HCL Holiday Party
12/08/10 Harvard-Yenching's 2010 Holiday Cards
12/07/10 Stoklosa Receives Ishimoto Award
12/07/10 Laura Farwell Blake Receives National Award
12/02/10 The Final Push is On!
11/22/10 Human Resource Services Reaches Green Leaf Four
11/19/10 Excellence in Service Award Winners Recognized
11/19/10 Human Resources Hosts Open House
11/10/10 Chinese Delegation Presents Books to Harvard-Yenching
10/26/10 Beatrix Potter’s Letters to Children
10/25/10 Your Student @ Lamont
10/14/10 The Push is On to Green Leaf One
10/12/10 Open Session Focuses on Collection Development Planning
10/08/10 Illuminating the Impacts of Light Pollution
10/06/10 Water Damage Leads to Revelation
10/05/10 Theodore Roosevelt in Cartoon
09/22/10 Letters Shed Light on Missionary Life
09/21/10 A Hollywood Icon at Houghton
09/17/10 Houghton Skips to Green Leaf Four, Tozzer Earns Leaf One
09/07/10 Rev. Badger’s Misfits at Harvard Map Collection
09/03/10 Open House Introduces Freshmen to Harvard's Libraries
09/02/10 Visiting Scholar Finds Collections and Service in Middle Eastern Division
08/27/10 Library a Hit at Dudley Fest
08/26/10 Harvard Map Collection Goes Green
08/19/10 Freshman Open House: Come for the Food and Prizes, Stay for the Library Tours
08/19/10 Houghton Hosts James Conference
08/16/10 Houghton Celebrates William James
08/13/10 Salvaged Papers Shed Light on Blanchot
08/06/10 Librarians Welcome International Grad Students
08/04/10 The Merging of Widener and Lamont Access Services
08/02/10 Houghton Hosts Byron Conference
07/23/10 Hawk Hangs Out at Widener
07/14/10 Big Bins Make People Think Before They Toss
06/23/10 HCL Staff Participate in Yardswap
06/21/10 Collaborative Effort Drives Tech Services Reorg
06/18/10 Durocher Appointed Director of HCL Technical Services
06/16/10 Newspaper Microfilming Project Wraps Up
06/15/10 Miles Finishes Year-Long Administrative Fellowship
06/07/10 Letters Shed New Light on 18th-Century Expedition
05/26/10 Digital Imaging Lab Celebrates 10 Years
05/20/10 Byron’s Early Satire Spurs Houghton Exhibition
05/13/10 Project to Digitize Korean Rare Books Nearly Complete
05/12/10 Undergraduate Book Collecting Winners Recognized
05/04/10 Houghton Visiting Fellowships Awarded
04/30/10 Katharine Martinez Departs for The University of Arizona
04/26/10 Bellenoit Recognized with Green Carpet Award
04/21/10 Five Win Hofer Prize for Collecting
04/20/10 Ukrainian Map Collection Now Available to Scholars
04/13/10 Maps with an Attitude
04/07/10 “Fugitive Sparrows” Illuminate Dickinson
04/05/10 HCL and MIT Libraries Strike a Deal for Undergraduates
04/02/10 Houghton Exhibition Studies ‘Books in Books’
03/30/10 Rare Photograph Uncovered in Houghton Collection
03/17/10 Harvard Film Archive Releases Rare Film on DVD
03/15/10 Turnstile Data Highlights Library Use
03/10/10 Junior Parents Gather at Houghton Library
03/02/10 Pickens Digital Collection Enhanced
02/25/10 HCL Operations Receives “Green Leaf” Certification
02/24/10 HCL Hosts J-Term Workshops for Graduate Students
02/22/10 Digital Humanities Fair Highlights Online Resources
02/12/10 Annotated Bibliography Application Launched
02/10/10 Fight Cancer with Daffodil Days
01/26/10 Fine Arts Library Receives LEED Gold Certification
01/22/10 Crimson Cash Gap Closed by Lamont Vending Machine
01/15/10 Houghton Exhibition Examines Margaret Fuller
01/08/10 Anctil Appointed Human Resource Services Director
01/04/10 Loeb Music Preservation Makes Rare Compositions Available

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12/22/09 Thompson Awarded NEA Fellowship
12/15/09 HCL Lighting Changes Save Energy
12/14/09 Lamont Wraps Up Year-Long Anniversary Celebration
12/11/09 HCL Joint Council Marks 20 Years of Cooperative Work
12/10/09 Bruno, Hierl Receive Ishimoto Award
12/09/09 2009 HCL Holiday Breakfast
12/07/09 Map Collection Exhibition Focuses on Celestial Maps
12/04/09 Harvard-Yenching's 2009 Holiday Greeting Cards Available
12/02/09 Heating and Cooling Changes Save Thousands at HCL
11/30/09 Houghton Exhibition Explores Artistic Evolution
11/24/09 Loeb Music Exhibition Explores Mazepa Myth
11/23/09 Excellence in Service Award Winners Recognized
11/13/09 Water Cooler Changes Save Energy at HCL
11/12/09 Digital Social Sciences Fair Highlights Online Resources
11/10/09 Letters to “Bright Star” on Exhibit at Houghton
11/05/09 Curator’s Tour Highlights Johnson Collection
11/03/09 HCL Staff Team Up to Go Green
11/02/09 Collaborative Learning Space Opens in Lamont
10/29/09 HCL Launches Students Substitute Pool
10/27/09 Religious Identity at Heart of Judaica Student Publication
10/23/09 Freshman Parents, Librarians Meet at Lamont
10/21/09 HCL Hosts New England Chapter of the Music Library Association
10/09/09 Harvard, National Library of China Embark on Digitization Project
10/07/09 Harvard Acquires Updike Archive
10/02/09 Cabot Exhibit Studies Weather Control
10/01/09 Harvard Review Added to HCL’s Online Resources
09/29/09 HCL Reaches Incoming Freshmen on Facebook
09/16/09 HCL Plumbing Projects Conserve Water
09/10/09 “Ask Us Live:” The Fastest Way to Reach a Librarian
09/09/09 Lamont, Widener Launch "Librarian On Call"
09/03/09 Grad Student Orientation Highlights Library Services
09/02/09 The Comfort of the Periodicals Room, the Ease of E-Access
09/02/09 Johnson at 300 (Harvard Gazette)
09/01/09 Lamont Welcomes Freshmen with Annual Open House
08/19/09 Exhibition Celebrates Roosevelt's Pigskin Library
08/18/09 Freshman Open House: Come for the Food and Prizes, Stay for the Library Tours
08/13/09 World’s Scholars Commemorate Samuel Johnson
08/12/09 Wilson Book Explores McBean Collection
07/17/09 Rubén Blades Visits Loeb Music Library
07/08/09 Fine Arts Library Reopens
06/25/09 Sema Vakf Collection of Turkish Classical Music Now Available at Loeb Music
06/23/09 Houghton Adds 2,000th Finding Aid to OASIS
06/15/09 Digital Images and Slides Collection Reopens
06/12/09 Digitization Aids in Translation of Naxi Manuscripts
06/11/09 Longfellow Online Exhibition Recognized by ACRL
06/08/09 Fine Arts Library is on the Move
06/03/09 HCL Celebrates Anagnostopoulos Gift
06/02/09 Harvard Film Archive Acquires Just Film Stills
06/02/09 Houghton Library Adds to Samuel Johnson Collection
05/12/09 Harvard Libraries Launch Scan and Deliver Service
05/11/09 Symposium Studies Doyle’s Contributions to Literature
05/05/09 Sheffield, Singerman, Jasper Win Undergraduate Book Collecting Prizes
04/27/09 HCL Staff Receive Fire Extinguisher Training
04/24/09 Doyle's Literary Legacy Explored
04/22/09 Harvard College Library Digitizes Pamphlets
04/20/09 Harvard Review Contributors Receive Literary Honors
04/16/09 Leskov, Zimmerman Awarded Hofer Prize
04/06/09 Imitatio Christi Exhibition Now Open at Houghton Library
04/03/09 Lamont Offers Movie Maker Training to Students and Staff
04/02/09 Harvard Theatre Collection Celebrates Ballets Russes Centennial
03/31/09 HCL Staff Attend Virtual ACRL Conference
03/20/09 Harvard College Library Digitizes Iranian Oral History Interviews
03/19/09 Visiting Librarian Highlights "Digital Treasures"
03/11/09 HCL Hosts Graduate Student Reception
03/09/09 Junior Parents Gather at Houghton Library for Reception
03/09/09 Poster Session Marks VIA Anniversary
03/04/09 Privileges Division Now Accepting Credit Cards
03/03/09 Human Resource Services Named "Biggest User" of Recruiting Technology
02/25/09 Map Collection Exhibition Highlights Rhode Island
02/20/09 HCL Eliminates Paper Edition of Chronicle of Higher Education
02/18/09 Research Services Librarians Take Part in Pilot Program
02/06/09 Cabot Exhibition Examines the Darwinian Revolution
02/02/09 Woodberry Curator Davis Awarded Witter Bynner Fellowship
02/02/09 Harvard Project on the Soviet Social System Available Online
02/02/09 Houghton Exhibition Examines "The Origin of Species"
01/26/09 Digital Collections Capture Bygone Era of China
01/23/09 Loeb Music Library Launches Bernstein Web Site
01/22/09 Computers Infected with Malicious Software "Quarantined" Under New Policy
01/21/09 Houghton Library Celebrates Lincoln Bicentennial with Exhibition and Symposium
01/14/09 Lamont Commemorates 60th Anniversary
01/13/09 Houghton to Host Four Major Symposia in 2009
01/08/09 Committees Digest Rolls Out in January
01/08/09 Rubén Blades Archive Goes to Loeb Music Library
01/06/09 Du Bois Institute Gift to Houghton Enhances African/African-American Collection

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12/12/08 Alison Scott Receives Eighteenth Annual Ishimoto Award
12/09/08 Harvard College Library Offers Workshops for English Grad Students
12/05/08 Judaica Division Publishes Student Papers
12/04/08 Harvard-Yenching 2008 Holiday Greeting Cards Available
11/21/08 Harvard Sound Directions Toolkit Available for Download
11/21/08 Multi-Media Workstations Available at Lamont
11/20/08 Davis Outlines Plans for Poetry Room
11/19/08 ITS Launches Printing Pilot
11/18/08 Excellence in Service Award Winners Recognized
11/13/08 Loeb Exhibit Focuses on Nadia Boulanger
11/13/08 Gerstein Opens Solo Art Show
11/07/08 Judaica Division Hosts Conference on Israeli Culture
11/07/08 Freshman Parents, Librarians Meet at Lamont
11/06/08 Featheringill Opens Solo Art Show
11/06/08 Kelliher Photos Published in New Book
11/04/08 Harvard-Yenching Hosts Memorial Symposium
10/30/08 HCL Employees Enjoy "Coffee and Conversation"
10/29/08 HCL Continues Commitment to Sustainability
10/28/08 HCL and MIT Libraries Host Diversity Workshop
10/22/08 Lamont Offers RefWorks Training Sessions
10/21/08 Houghton Joins with Libraries Nationwide to Celebrate Artists' Retreat
10/16/08 Migration Exhibit Opens at Cabot
10/16/08 Judaica Division Concert Includes World Premiere
10/01/08 Riel Publishes Postcard from P-town
09/17/08 Lamont Welcomes Freshmen with Annual Open House
09/17/08 HCL Librarians Reach Out to Graduate Students at GSAS Orientation
09/10/08 Audubon: Early Drawings Published, Lecture Scheduled for September 18
09/10/08 Ken Burns to Headline Theodore Roosevelt Sesquicentennial Celebration
08/20/08 Card Sorting Exercise Helps Inform HCL Intranet Redesign
08/19/08 High School Students Spend Summer at HCL
08/04/08 Horrocks Publishes Popular Print and Popular Medicine: Almanacs and Health Advice in Early America
06/24/08 "Ask Us Live!" is Live
06/20/08 Poster Session Explores Wide Range of HCL Projects and Activities
05/30/08 Thompson Publishes Come on Shore and We Will Kill and Eat You All: A New Zealand Story
05/22/08 HCL Digitizes Artemas Ward House Collection
05/14/08 Visiting Committee Prize for Undergraduate Book Collecting Winners Announced
05/02/08 HCL Operations Thanks Custodial Crew and Movers
05/01/08 Gilman Crafts Own World in Moonwise, Cloud and Ashes
04/29/08 Heather Cole Retires
04/28/08 625 Art Show Highlights Staff Talent
04/23/08 Book Collections Net Prizes (on The Harvard Crimson website)
04/21/08 New Access for Music Manuscripts in America
04/17/08 Volunteers Find Home for Unwanted Books
04/15/08 HCL Committees Take on New Life
03/18/08 Harvard Review Contributors Receive Literary Honors
03/18/08 Fine Arts Library Acquires Tassel Collection of Historical Photos
03/13/08 Marty Schreiner Publishes New Compositions
03/12/08 Rapid Response Saves Rare Library Collections
03/07/08 Junior Parents Gather at Houghton Library for Reception
03/06/08 Susan Lee Retires
02/21/08 HCL Hosts Graduate Student Reception
02/20/08 Matz and McKeigue Selected for ACRL's Intentional Teacher Program
02/15/08 Boston Maps Designed by HCL Map Collection Grace Freedom Trail
02/06/08 Art of Lionel Reiss Subject of New Harvard Catalog
01/09/08 Loeb Music Co-Authors Groundbreaking Report on Audio Preservation

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11/29/07 Ishimoto Award Goes to HCL Macro Development and Distribution Working Group
11/16/07 Harvard-Yenching Holiday Cards Available
11/16/07 Excellence in Service Award Recipients Recognized
10/30/07 Freshman Parents, Librarians Meet at Lamont
10/30/07 Employees Honored for Twenty-Five Years of Service
10/25/07 Emilyn Brown Selected as Administrative Fellow
10/25/07 Joint Council Hosts Open Forum
09/19/07 Harvard-Yenching Lends Maps to Smithsonian
09/17/07 Lamont Welcomes Freshmen with Annual Open House
09/12/07 The Many Roles of the Phillips Reading Room
09/06/07 Harvard Map Collection Digitizes Historic Cambridge and Boston Atlases
08/31/07 Decorated Papers Exhibition Opens at Houghton
08/14/07 Susan Fliss Joins HCL as Associate Librarian for Research and Instruction
08/06/07 High School Students Spend Summer at HCL
07/02/07 Harvard Theatre Collection Recognized by Boston Theatre Critics Association
06/29/07 American Institute of Graphic Arts Recognizes Harvard Review for Cover Design
06/20/07 Voogd Publishes Maynard, Massachusetts: A House in the Village
06/19/07 American Institute of Graphic Arts Recognizes Dickinson Herbarium
06/01/07 Houghton Library Offers New Exhibition of Gore Vidal Papers
05/11/07 Visiting Committee Prize for Undergraduate Book Collecting Winner Announced
04/27/07 Portrait of David L. Evans Unveiled at Lamont
04/27/07 Philip Hofer Prize for Art and Book Collecting Winners Announced
04/05/07 HCL Imaging Services Launches Web-Based Credit Card Payment System
04/05/07 Harvard-Yenching and Fung Host Colleagues from AAS/CEAL Conference
04/05/07 What's Keeping HCL Busy?
03/23/07 SSP and Lamont Staff Prepare for a Move
03/05/07 Junior Parents Gather at Houghton Library for Reception
03/01/07 Tracing Group Tracks Down Widener's Lost Books
02/23/07 Harvard Grad Presents Film Debut at Harvard Film Archive
02/09/07 Sennett Adapts Novel for the Stage — Musical Premieres February 9 & 10
01/23/07 Littauer Foundation Awards Harvard’s Judaica Division Million Dollar Grant

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12/21/06 Lamont Librarians Lead RefWorks Workshops
12/15/06 Harvard Film Archive's Steffen Pierce to Debut Feature Film Saturday
12/15/06 Poetry Room Collaboration Garners Grammy Nomination
12/14/06 Graham Appointed Associate for Administrative Services for Harvard College Library
12/12/06 James Lin Receives Sixteenth Annual Ishimoto Award
12/06/06 Ukrainian Map Collection Arrives at Harvard
12/04/06 Harvard-Yenching's 2006 Holiday Greeting Cards Available
11/16/06 Emily Dickinson's Herbarium Published
11/14/06 Harvard Review Story & Poem Selected for Best American Series, Covers for Print Magazine
11/07/06 Daryl Boone Selected as a Harvard Residential Administrative Fellow for 2006-2007
11/03/06 Freshman Parents Gather at Lamont Library for Reception
10/19/06 Lamont Library Cafe Opens
10/12/06 Ordway Collection Reflects Life Working Toward Space Exploration
10/05/06 Tozzer Library Celebrates Quarter-Millionth Volume With Exhibition
09/29/06 Loeb Music Celebrates 50th Anniversary
09/28/06 Images of Congo: The Art and Ethnography of Anne Eisner Putnam, 1946-1958 Exhibition Opens October 2
09/19/06 Lamont Welcomes Freshmen with Annual Open House
09/15/06 Garver Publishes Book of Historic Maps of Coastal Massachusetts
08/18/06 HCL Librarians Volunteer in New Orleans
08/11/06 High School Students Spend Summer at HCL
06/20/06 Administrative Fellow Claudia Hill Concludes Her Year at HCL
06/01/06 Leahy Takes Schlesinger Position
05/30/06 Benjamin Franklin: A How-To Guide Explores Franklin’s "How-To" Legacy, Celebrates 300th Anniversary of Founder’s Birth
05/17/06 Visiting Committee Prize for Undergraduate Book Collecting Winners Announced
04/27/06 Philip Hofer Prize for Art and Book Collecting Winners Announced
02/16/06 Freshmen Work Hands-On with Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts: Meld Histories of Art, Reading, Prayer into Houghton Exhibition
02/14/06 Cline Named Hugh Atkinson Award Winner
02/02/06 HCL Partners with HUCTW in High School Intern Program

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12/16/05 Lum, Sylvester Key in Publication of Lost Photos
12/16/05 Librarians Travel to China for Dedication
12/13/05 HCL Names 2005 Excellence in Service Award Recipients
12/06/05 Houghton's Catalog of Italian Ballet Released
12/01/05 Harvard-Yenching's 2005 Holiday Greeting Cards Available
11/30/05 Bonnie Burns Receives Fifteenth Annual Ishimoto Award
11/15/05 HCL Hosts Library Open Houses
11/08/05 Harvard College Library Hosts MLS Students in ARL Initiative
11/01/05 Freshman Parents Gather at Lamont Library for Reception
10/26/05 Kosovo Librarians Train at Harvard College Library
10/21/05 Poetry Room Collection is Mother Lode for NPR
09/16/05 Lamont Library Holds Annual Freshman Open House
09/09/05 Special Collections Conservators Stabilize 1,500 East Asian Rubbings for Digitization
07/21/05 Intern Has Family Ties to Hyde Collection of Samuel Johnson
06/01/05 HCL Pilots Self Service Scanners
05/25/05 Harvard Review Short Story Chosen for Best American Series
05/06/05 Widener Library's Reference Services Room Endowed
04/21/05 Widener Library Receives 2005 ALA Library Building Award
04/18/05 Visiting Committee Prize for Undergraduate Book Collecting Winners Announced
04/12/05 Houghton Library Exhibits Miniature Books
04/11/05 Edison and Newman Room Re-Opens at Houghton Library
02/15/05 Loeb Music Library and Indiana University Archives of Traditional Music Awarded NEH Grant
02/15/05 Charles Berlin Publishes Harvard Judaica
01/24/05 Ticknor Society Meeting Featuring Matthew Battles Cancelled
01/03/05 A Gift for Tozzer
01/03/05 Harvard Review Nominated for Utne Award for Third Year

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11/16/04 Houghton Manuscript Department Reaches Milestone - 1500 Finding Aids Accessible
11/16/04 Battles Pens Widener Biography, Harvard Book Store Reading
10/07/04 Jeffrey Horrell to Head Dartmouth Library System
09/30/04 Harvard Community Invited to Widener Rededication October 1
07/07/04 Librarian from Sri Lanka to Harvard
05/14/04 Harvard Review Essay Chosen for Best American Series, Spring Issue Released
05/07/04 Visiting Committee Prize for Undergraduate Book Collecting Winners Announced
05/06/04 Bringing Japan to Boston at Tozzer Library
04/07/04 Petrarch and Bridging Gaps, Two New Exhibitions, Open at Houghton
03/18/04 John Bidwell Presents Hofer Lecture On the History of the Papermaking Machine
03/12/04 Extended Loan Period Pilot for G1 - G3 Grad Students Launched at Widener Library
03/11/04 Poetry Room Holds Reading of Pablo Neruda Poems
03/09/04 Jan Merrill-Oldham Receives ALCTS 2004 Preservation Award  
03/01/04 One of World's Finest Collections of 18th Century English Literature Goes to Harvard's Houghton Library
02/18/04 Tribute to George Starbuck at Woodberry Poetry Room
02/18/04 Town to City to Mega-metropolis: Exhibit Maps Growth of London
02/12/04 Exhibition Celebrates Centennial of Pablo Neruda’s Birth
02/05/04 Exhibition at Cabot Explores Native American Craftsmanship and Culture  
01/29/04 Formative Years of Literary Icons Revealed in Harvard Poets: 1900-1945
01/27/04 Computer Workstations at Loeb Music Tailored for Music Scholars
01/22/04 Harvard Library Staff Contribute 33 Chapters to Magazines for Libraries
01/16/04 Res Gestae: Libri Manent; A Curator’s Choice on Display at Houghton Library
01/13/04 From Vellum to Pixels: David Remington Offers Expertise in Project to Digitize Codex Sinaiticus

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12/19/03 Thirteenth Annual Ishimoto Award Goes to Diane Cox and Ray Lum
12/15/03 Houghton Offers New Greeting Cards in Time for Holidays
12/15/03 Harvard-Yenching Library's 2003 Holiday Greeting Cards Now Available
11/14/03 Harvard Review Fall 2003 Issue on Stands Now
11/14/03 Annual Competition for Undergraduate Book Collecting Prize Underway  
11/07/03 Collections Salvage Session Trains Staff to Respond to Wet Book Emergency
10/29/03 Harvard-Yenching 75th Anniversary Celebrated with Conference
10/28/03 Widener Renovation Team Garners Build Massachusetts Award
10/14/03 Pao-liang Chu Connects Author with Alias in Twentieth-Century Chinese Authors and Their Pen Names
09/30/03 Sylvester and Pozeilov Capture Memorial Hall Stained Glass
09/30/03 Women in Science Exhibition Open at Cabot
09/26/03 Curtain Opens on King's Theatre Exhibition
09/22/03 Pigskin Library on Display: Roosevelt Exhibition Opens
09/18/03 HCL Goes Wireless
09/08/03 Exhibition Highlights Du Bois/Houghton Collaboration
09/08/03 Conservation Services, Harvard-Yenching, and Tozzer Collaborate in Conservation Effort
08/26/03 HCL to Eliminate Duplicate Journal Titles
07/15/03 The Library: Battles' Muse, Resource, and Topic
07/15/03 Numeric Data Services Finds Dataquest Benefits Students and Staff
07/15/03 Hopkins Helps PBS' History Detectives Solve Anthropology Mystery
06/20/03 Houghton Hits 1,000 Finding Aids 
06/09/03 Government Documents Hosts Serial Set Inventories on Web Site
06/06/03 Map Exhibition Explores World History and Displays Harvard Treasures
06/03/03 Widener Library Renovation Team Receives 3rd Annual SMPS Collaboration Award
06/03/03 Du Bois Letters Come to Harvard
05/16/03 Overdue Since '52
05/07/03 In Her Own Hand, Exhibition Opens at Loeb Music Library
04/22/03 Visiting Committee Prize for Undergraduate Book Collecting Winners Announced
04/18/03 Harvard Review Emerges on Literary Scene: Essay and Story Chosen for Best American Series
04/18/03 Reference on the Road: A Roving Librarian in Loker Commons Brings Library Services to Students
04/16/03 Photo Gallery: Widener First Floor and Main Entrance Reopen
04/04/03 Emerson Impression Remains Clear at Harvard (Harvard Gazette)
04/04/03 Randolph Caldecott Exhibit Opens at Houghton
04/04/03 Alphabetics on Display at Houghton
03/27/03 Ernest Dudley Chase’s Pictorial Maps on Display
03/14/03 Exhibition Documents Life of Influential Theatrical Designer, Edward Gordon Craig
03/05/03 Don Share is Finalist for L. L. Winship/PEN New England Award
03/05/03 Houghton Hosts Spring Lectures
02/06/03 Library of Congress Selects Harvard Vocarium for National Recording Registry 
01/27/03 These Shoes Were Made for ... Walking? Explores Foot Fashions Across Cultures and Ages 
01/09/03 Jorge Luis Borges, Houghton Exhibition Explores his Life and Literature 

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12/16/02 Cline, Merrill-Oldham Papers Featured in Library of Congress' To Preserve and Protect
12/16/02 Houghton Offers New Holiday Greeting Cards
12/16/02 Harvard-Yenching Library's 2002 Holiday Greeting Cards Now Available
11/20/02 Carolann Buff Balances Life at Loeb Music with Music Career
11/20/02 Don Share Publishes Book of Poetry, Explores World of Union
11/07/02 Harvard Libraries Collaborate to Create Treasure Filled Exhibit
10/30/02 What to Give a 400-Year-Old
10/04/02 Widener Ground Floor Reopens
09/26/02 HCL Instructional Services Reaches Out to Graduate Students through Orientation Activities
09/19/02 Widener Stacks Division Completes the Movement of Millions of Volumes – Not an Easy Trick
09/19/02 Donna Koepp Appointed to The National Map Review Committee
09/19/02 HCL Welcomes Freshman with Lamont Open House and Libraries Treasures Tour
09/06/02 Thackeray's Gift to Annie Fields Comes to Houghton
08/21/02 Periodicals Reading Room and Stacks Closed for Re-flooring
08/01/02 Fine Arts Library, OIS Partner on Visual Resource Catalog
07/22/02 Dan Hazen Appointed Visiting Program Officer for Global Resources Program
05/20/02 Philip Hofer Prize for Art and Book Collecting Winners Announced
05/16/02 The New Online HOLLIS Catalog: Features Benefit Students, Faculty, Staff
05/14/02 Winners Announced for Visiting Committee Book Collecting Prize
05/06/02 Houghton's Dennis Marnon Receives the Bryant Fellowship for 2001-2002
05/03/02 Reorganization of Stacks Materials Continues During Summer
05/01/02 Widener Serial Records Perseveres, Completes Publication Pattern Project
05/01/02 Hilles Hosts Macbeth
04/25/02 Robert Dennis Featured on Met Opera Broadcast Quiz
04/10/02 Michael Olson Supports Cancer Research by Running Boston Marathon
04/05/02 Harvard Fine Arts Library Acquires Josephine Powell's Archive of Documentary Photography
03/26/02 Theatre Collection Manuscripts and Prompt Books Featured in Exhibition at the Grolier Club
03/07/02 Librarians Explore the Transformation of Scholarly Communication
03/04/02 Student Employees Play Vital Role in HCL
02/13/02 Harvard Acquires Gore Vidal Papers
02/08/02 Houghton Library Offers Scholars the Rare Opportunity to Examine Rare Materials
02/08/02 Exhibition Highlights Milestones of Environmental Movement
02/07/02 New Widener Kiosks Communicate Timely Renovation Information
01/30/02 Barbara Burg Coauthors Guide to African American and African Primary Sources at Harvard University
01/16/02 Widener Conservation Division Disperses Throughout HCL
01/16/02 HCL Facilities Management Accomplishes Tons (and Gallons) of Work
01/09/02 Hellman and Anderson Teach Conservation in Cuba
01/08/02 Harvard-Yenching Library Hosts Visiting Scholars Cheng and Han
01/02/02 Hofer Lecture Expands upon Houghton's Dilettanti Exhibition

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12/18/01 Hilles Expands Outreach Program by Offering Carrels
12/11/01 The Environmental Information Center Moves Forward with a New Librarian
12/06/01 Jane Ouderkirk and Lynda Kresge Receive Eleventh Annual Ishimoto Award
12/06/01 Harvard-Yenching Library Announces New Holiday Greeting Cards
11/26/01 Widener Library Installs Card Access
11/16/01 New Periodicals Reading Room Opens in Widener Library
11/08/01 Harvard Theatre Collection Photographs Featured in MFA Exhibition
10/23/01 Librarians Participate in President's Installation
07/13/01 Harvard Libraries Adopt University PIN System for Access to HOLLIS Electronic Resources
06/22/01 Preparing for Phase 2: Exploratory Work in the Widener Lobby
05/25/01 Collaborative Effort: New Book In Student Series
05/17/01 Houghton Library Brings 100th Finding Aid Online
05/09/01 Phase 2 of Widener Library Renovation Approved
05/09/01 The Harvard Theatre Collection Celebrates 100 Years
05/09/01 Addie Frances Rowe: Friends And Aider of Scholars

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