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HCL Staff Honored with FAS Dean’s Distinction Awards


Pictured from left to right: Anna Anctil, the planning and management team for Expanding the Boundaries of Authorship; Lynn Sayers, Marty Schreiner, Liza Vick, Paul Worster, Ramona Islam, Kevin Guiney, Pam Matz, and Enrique Diaz; and Reed Lowrie.


March 7, 2013 – Several members of the FAS/HCL libraries team were honored as recipients of the 2013 Dean’s Distinction Award. The award honors the highest-achieving FAS staff members whose contributions and collaboration helped to deliver outstanding results for the FAS in 2012.

All of the award winners from across FAS were honored by Dean Michael D. Smith at a ceremony in University Hall on March 6.

Library staff recognized for their excellence were Anna Anctil, Senior Human Resources Consultant; Reed Lowrie, Interim Widener and Lamont Reference Manager; and the planning and management team for Expanding the Boundaries of Authorship.

That team includes its leader Marty Schreiner, Head of Maps, Media, Data and Government Information; Enrique Diaz, Designer/Multimedia Specialist; Ramona Islam, Curricular Design and Research Librarian; Pamela Matz, Research Librarian; Lynn Sayers, Administration and Events Coordinator; Liza Vick, Music Reference and Research Librarian; Paul Worster, Multimedia Librarian; and Kevin Guiney, Instructional Computing Specialist with the Academic Technology Group in HUIT.

According to her nomination submitted to the dean, Anna Anctil was described as “a role model to many for how to face and withstand challenges and transitions... Anna devoted much of her time in 2012 to assisting HCL with all of the changes associated with the Harvard Library transition. Anna helped FAS and HCL senior managers plan for these changes, developed strategies for ‘keeping the train on the tracks,’ and maintained a steady, thoughtful presence.” Anna was described as embracing her role in the libraries with “true professionalism.”

Reed Lowrie has “long been known” for providing expert research librarian services, but it was his agreeing to take on “leadership of Reference and Information Services for four distinct libraries: Cabot, Widener, Lamont and Tozzer” that earned him the Dean’s Distinction award, according to his nomination. “Reed took care to learn the culture of each library and to seek ways to improve user experience across the board.” Reed “helped lead the staff to establish and maintain shared tools” and “modeled the kind of collaboration that helps break down barriers to optimal service.”

According to the nomination submitted to the Dean, the planning and management team for Expanding the Boundaries of Authorship was honored for its ability to “address an emerging need to support multimedia authoring by developing a new paradigm for increased collaboration among FAS libraries and faculty, using a framework of diverse academic technologies. Within a mere two years - by Spring 2012 - use of new media had grown exponentially, along with the need for support of new forms of authorship beyond the written word.”

Through the work of the team the Multimedia Lab in Lamont “attained a new level of quality, and provided a stronger framework for FAS’ increasing use of new media technologies. The work required a great deal of research, organization and collaboration of skills and expertise – not to mention time and commitment to seeing the project through.”

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