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Dean’s Distinction Awards Honor HCL’s Hussein, Kornilowicz, and Sheridan


Pictured from left to right: Nada Hussein, Roseanne Sheridan, and Marek Kornilowicz.


February 29, 2012 – Michael D. Smith, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, has honored three employees of the Harvard College Library with the FAS Dean’s Distinction Award for 2012. Nada Hussein, Middle Eastern Librarian in Widener Library; Marek Kornilowicz, Head of Materials Transfer for Widener and Lamont, and Roseanne Sheridan, Reader Services Librarian at Lamont Library, are among the 36 recipients of the 2012 Award.

Now in its third year, the Dean’s Distinction Award honors the highest-achieving FAS staff members, whose critical contributions and skillful collaboration are deemed to have delivered outstanding results for the FAS in 2011.

“Reading the accounts of the achievements of this year's recipients, one cannot help but be inspired, not only by what they have been able to accomplish, but also by their creativity, generosity of spirit, and commitment to the institution,” stated Dean Smith in an e-mail announcement to FAS employees. “I am truly grateful to each one of this year's 36 individual Dean's Distinction recipients and to our first Dean's Distinction team recipients for the enormous positive impact they have made on the FAS in 2011.”

Nada, Marek, and Roseanne, along with the other winners, will be recognized by Dean Smith at a reception on Thursday, March 1.

Story courtesy of Peter Kosewski.