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Help Fight Cancer with Daffodil Days

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It's time for Daffodil Days!


February 18, 2011 – Daffodil Days, the annual program run by the American Cancer Society (ACS,) is back! The program raises funds for cancer research by selling bouquets of spring's symbol of hope, the daffodil. Over the last 23 years, Harvard has donated more than $615,000 to ACS through this program.

Staff members who wish to participate have a range of purchase options: a fresh-cut bouquet of ten daffodils, potted daffodil bulbs or a bouquet of flowers accompanied by a teddy bear. The cost is $10 for bouquets, $15 for the potted bulbs and $25 for a bear and bouquet. To make a purchase, contact one of the HCL Daffodil Days coordinators listed below by Monday, February 28.

Staff may also make a $25 donation to the ACS Gift of Hope and Bear Hug for Hope programs. The Gift of Hope program delivers daffodil bouquets and to the oncology units of local hospitals and cancer treatment centers, while the Bear Hug for Hope program delivers teddy bears to children impacted by cancer.

All orders can be paid by check, money order, or credit card. A $25 minimum is required for credit card orders. Checks should be made out to the American Cancer Society. There is also an option to make donations and to purchase Gifts of Hope and Bear Hugs for Hope using the American Cancer Society Web site.

Daffodils will be delivered Monday, March 14, through University Mail Services. You can order bouquets or yourself or for a friend or colleague.

To place an order, please contact one of the following coordinators:

Anna Dunavin, Harvard-Yenching Library, 5-3327, dunavin@fas.harvard.edu
Susi Barbarossa, Houghton Library, 6-7366, barbaros@fas.harvard.edu
Colleen Bryant, Lamont Library, 5-5480, bryant4@fas.harvard.edu
Nissa Knight, Widener Library, 6-8566, Nissa_knight@harvard.edu