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Khemraj Completes Administrative Fellowship

  Ramsahoye Khemraj

Senior Storage and Systems Administrator Ramsahoye Khemraj recently took part in the year-long Harvard Administrative Fellowship Program.

June 7, 2011 – When he discusses his experience as a Harvard Administrative Fellow, Ramsahoye Khemraj mentions the program’s professional development classes, presentations and discussion groups. One aspect of the program, however, comes up again and again – networking. Participating in the year-long program, he said, afforded him the opportunity to meet some of the highest-ranking Harvard administrators, from Provost Steven Hyman to Harvard Vice President for Policy Clayton Spencer, and to discover that many had, at one time, faced the same challenges he has over the years.

Created to attract minorities to careers in higher education, the fellowship offers participants a mix of management experience and professional development training. Throughout the year-long program, Khemraj, the Senior Storage and Systems Administrator for Harvard College Library Information Technology Systems (HCL ITS), and other fellows met bi-weekly with a variety of Harvard faculty and administrators to review management case studies and to discuss administrators’ career tracks, and the challenges they faced along the way.

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“The Administrative Fellowship Program (AFP) offers participants a unique and enriching opportunity to not only meet with and learn from senior administrators and faculty members throughout the University, but the chance to network with other professionals as well,” said Associate Librarian Rebecca Graham. “HCL is proud to participate in this program, and committed to the AFP’s goal of providing opportunities and resources to support professionals from various backgrounds in their career development. I am confident that participating in the AFP will benefit Ramsey when he takes the next step in his career, wherever it may be.”

“The training sessions were extremely useful, because they gave me insight into how things work in upper management,” Khemraj said. “I feel that the networking opportunities are one of the greatest benefits of this program. To be able to talk with administrators about how they overcame some of the same challenges we face and how they found success at the management level offers a great deal of insight for participants.”

Khremraj began his career in Harvard’s libraries in 1990, three years after he and his family emigrated to the U.S. from Guyana. While still in high school, he was hired to work in the Binding and Shelf Preparation unit of Conservation Services. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from Wentworth Institute of Technology, Khemraj briefly worked in HD Transfer before landing a job as a Computer Support Specialist by HCL ITS. As the unit grew in subsequent years, he has earned promotions to Systems Administrator and later to Network and Systems Administrator before taking his current position.

Though he is happy in his current position, Khemraj is confident the skills learned as an Administrative Fellow will be valuable when he takes the next step in his career.

“Participating in the AFP has definitely better prepared if I were to make a career move, especially at the managerial level,” Khemraj said. “I thought this was a great program; I would recommend it to anyone. No matter how much you think you know, just being in this program, you’ll learn something.”

“I want to thank Daryl Boone for recommending the program to me, and Sherrie Whang for assisting me with my application,” Khemraj said. “Without the support and encouragement of Mark Farrar, Deb Morley and Rebecca Graham, I wouldn’t have been able to participate.”