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The Push is On to Green Leaf One

   green office certificate

The Green Leaf One certificate presented earlier this year to the Harvard Map Collection. The HCL Green Team is coordinating an effort to get all library work spaces certified at Green Leaf One by January 1.

October 14, 2010 – With help from Harvard College Library Green Team members, staff in Widener, Lamont, Tozzer, and Pusey libraries are committing to take a number of steps – from using the power saving mode on computers to increasing recycling to the use of reusable cups and dishware – to help their offices go green and achieve Green Leaf certification from Harvard’s Office for Sustainability. The environmental efforts are part of the Green Team’s stated goal of having all HCL offices certified at Green Leaf One by January 1.

To reach that goal, Green Team members are working directly with representatives from offices throughout the libraries, helping guide them through the certification process, answering questions as they come up and offering advice on the steps on how to meet the dozens of requirements that come with each certification level. The Green Team/ staff pairings are:

George Clark: Tom Lingner, HCL Imaging Services; Martin Schreiner, Maps, Media, Data, and Government Information in Lamont

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Tim Driscoll: Evie Santana-Nolan, HCL Information Technology Services; Brenden Durkin, HCL Financial Services

Monique Duhaime: Anna Anctil, HCL Human Resource Services; Laura Totten HCL Communications and Office of the Librarian

Lars Klint: Elizabeth Vernon, Judaica Division; Brad Schaffner, Slavic Division; Nada Hussein, Middle Eastern Division all in Widener

Andy Laplume: Lauren Telepak, HCL Conservation Services; Mikel Kearns, Services for Academic Programs and Reference Services and Learning Technology in Widener and Lamont

Green Team member Thomas Bahr, who works in Access Services, has taken on certification oversight for the Access Services offices in both Widener and Lamont, and Green Team Chair Andy LaPlume is overseeing the process for Widener Collection Development (except for Judaica, Slavic, and Middle Eastern divisions.)

Some offices have already met or surpassed the January 1 goal. HCL Operations and Houghton Library have achieved Green Leaf Four; Harvard Map Collection and Tozzer Library have each reached Green Leaf One, with Tozzer planning to continue working on additional levels; and the Harvard University Archives, Green Leaf Two, with plans to pursue Green Leaf Three.

Is it difficult? According to Slavic Division representative Bradley Schaffner, “It was a relatively painless process. Lars has been a tremendous help. We met and went over the certification process for Leaf One and Two, and I was surprised at how straightforward it was. We have a few items to work on, like double-sided printing and switching task lamps to compact fluorescent lights, but our office was already nine-tenths of the way there.”