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Harvard Map Collection Goes Green

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From left, Zuzana Nagy, Joseph Garver, Scott Walker and Whitley Frost display the Harvard Map Collection's Green Leaf One certification from the Harvard Office for Sustainability. Not pictured: Bonnie Burns, Louise Baptiste, and Jonathan Rosenwasser.


August 26, 2010 – The staff members of the Harvard Map Collection were recently recognized by the Harvard Office for Sustainability (OFS) for earning Green Leaf One certification as part of the Green Office Program. Developed by OFS and promoted by the Harvard College Library Green Team, the program encourages staff to make their work areas more environmentally-friendly through various conservation efforts that are grouped into four “Leaf” levels. 

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Working with HCL Green Team chair Andy LaPlume, Map Collection staff, including Joseph Garver, Scott Walker, Bonnie Burns, Whitley Frost, Louise Baptiste, Zuzana Nagy, and Jonathan Rosenwasser committed to taking a handful of steps –from using the power-saving mode on computers to encouraging recycling – to “green” their office and achieve certification.

“We were already doing many of the things involved in the certification, so it wasn’t a very big hurdle to reach Green Leaf One certification,” said Garver, Librarian for Research Services and Collection Development. “This program was something we all wanted to be involved in, and we were happy to join in an organizational effort to make the area where we work greener.”

The HCL Green Team is working on the Green Office Program within all its represented libraries. Work toward certification is already underway at Houghton, Tozzer, and Pusey, while efforts to organize are just beginning in Widener and Lamont. HCL Operations is the only unit in Widener to be certified, recently achieving Green Leaf Four. Although the Harvard University Archives is not an HCL unit, it resides in Pusey and is represented by Senior Reference Archivist Tim Driscoll on the Green Team. The Archives holds a Green Leaf Two certification and is working on Leaf Three.

“The Green Team’s goal is to have all the libraries, including all the units in Widener, reach at least Leaf One certification by January 2011,” said Laplume. “Every effort we make helps to reduce Harvard’s impact on the environment.”