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Junior Parents Gather at Houghton Library for Reception

junior parents reception

James Capobianco, Reference Librarian at Houghton Library talks about library services with the family of a junior.

March 9, 2009 - Parents gathered in the Edison and Newman Room of Houghton Library on Friday, March 6, for HCL's Junior Parents Weekend Reception, sponsored by the Friends of the Harvard College Library. The annual reception, part of the campus-wide Junior Parents Weekend, gives parents a chance to meet librarians, learn about library programs, and discover how the library is, or can be, part of their child's college experience.

Virginia Danielson, the Richard F. French Librarian of the Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library, and Friends board member, welcomed guests. Professor Anne C. Shreffler, chair of the Music Department and James Edward Ditson Professor of Music, spoke to parents about the ways HCL librarians assist their children in research and learning.

"The Harvard College Library has enriched my teaching and research in ways it would take hours to talk about," Shreffler said. "I often send students to the library, rather than posting material on a course Web site, because I know the exceptional staff will assist them in opening up new avenues for their research and learning."

Miles Canaday, '10, also spoke to parents, and detailed how the depth and breadth of the College Library's collections have aided him with research on what will become his senior thesis.

"There is an enormous amount of material, and secondary literature available to students in the libraries," Canaday said. "The Reference Librarians and other staff are very good at making the library seem smaller, and helping me find what I need in the library."

Tours of Houghton and Widener followed the reception.

hcl committees hcl committees
Miles Canaday, '10, talks with Liza Vick, Music Reference and Research Librarian at Loeb Music Library. Professor Anne C. Shreffler, chair of the Music Department and James Edward Ditson Professor of Music, speaks to the parents of juniors about the services offered at Harvard College Library.
hcl committees hcl committees
Rachel Howarth, Associate Librarian for Public Services at Houghton Library and James Capobianco, Reference Librarian at Houghton
Library, talk with Class of 2010 parents.
Miles Canaday, '10, speaks to Class of 2010 parents about the important role Harvard College Library plays in research he's conducting for his senior thesis.