Excellence in Service Award Winners Recognized

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Nancy M. Cline, Roy E. Larsen Librarian of Harvard College, held a reception in her office for the recipients of the 2007 Excellence in Service Award recently. Pictured (l. to r.): James Perlman, Susan Berstler, Monique Duhaime, Sebastian Hierl, Nancy Cline and Albert Genna. Not pictured: Julia Featheringill.

November 17, 2008 - Dedication. Goodwill ambassador. A willingness to rise to new challenges. Each of these qualities is used to describe the recipients of the 2008 Excellence in Service Award, a merit-based honor established to recognize employees who make exceptional contributions to their units in support of the mission and values of Harvard College Library.

"Congratulations to the recipients of the Excellence in Service Award," said Anna Anctil, Senior Human Resource Consultant. "These individuals consistently rise above challenges to contribute to HCL's success every day."

The awards are given to three support staff and three administrative professional staff each year who are nominated by co-workers for their exceptional contributions to HCL. Winners are selected from the nominees by a committee made up of the previous year's winners.

At a reception Tuesday, Nancy M. Cline, Roy E. Larsen Librarian of Harvard College, recognized the honorees for 2008: Susan Berstler, Computer Support Associate, Tozzer Library; Sebastian Hierl, Librarian for Western Europe, Germanic Emphasis, and Interim Librarian for France, Italy and Scandinavia; Monique Duhaime, Staff Assistant, Houghton Library; Julia Featheringill, Assistant Manager, Digital Imagery and Photography Services, Widener Library; James Perlman, Computer Support Specialist, Widener Library; and Albert Genna, Library Assistant, Widener Library. Each honoree receives a $500 award.

HCL supervisors and colleagues who nominated the award winners find them commendable for a multitude of reasons. Monique Duhaime was recognized for the helpful, professional and efficient service she provides to patrons, visitors and colleagues throughout the Library and University community. Peers described her as indispensible to the smooth running of the library and called her the welcoming face of Houghton Library and one of the finest people to represent the library.

Sebastian Hierl was nominated for the award to recognize his consistently superior performance as Widener's Germanic bibliographer, and Interim Librarian for France, Italy and Scandinavia. Those who nominated him credit his creative, thoughtful and strategic work in improving the collections and adding to user satisfaction.

As a new supervisor, Julia Featheringill was quick to accept demanding new management responsibilities with thoughtfulness and patience, nominators said. She also played a key role in assembling a top-notch team that is capable and motivated to meet the demands of multiple competing projects. Featheringill also showed dedication and creativity while working on the LDI Project "The Artemas Ward House and its Collections," ultimately producing images of exceptional beauty and quality.

Susan Berstler was commended for routinely going above and beyond to call of duty and going the extra distance in her myriad of complex job responsibilities. She was described as "very much an exemplar for the values that the HCL organization strives for."

Nominators cited the way in which James Perlman's efficient, dedicated service results in the highest quality performance, while his technical and customer service skills exceed all expectations. He was also commended for his willingness to take on new challenges for the betterment of the HCL community, and his continued research to solve every problem he is presented with.

Described as a goodwill ambassador for the library, Albert Genna was praised for his courteous, prompt and efficient service, as well as his efforts to fulfill the goal of providing the best quality service while protecting the integrity and security of the collection.

Candidates for the Excellence in Service Award can be nominated by any member of the HCL community and can hold either a full-time or part-time position. Recipients were selected by a seven-member committee. The current year's recipients are invited to serve on the next year's selection committee. The 2008 committee consisted of: Linda Carter, Library Assistant, Cabot Science Library; William Connor, Senior Image Cataloger, Fine Arts Library; Michael Currier, Staff Assistant, Widener Library Access Services; Eiji Kuge, Library Assistant, Harvard-Yenching Library; Albert Quartararo, Computer Support Specialist, HCL Information Technology Services; and Lynn White, Manager of Patron Services, Widener Library Imaging Services.