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Poster Session Explores Wide Range of HCL Projects and Activities

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David Cobb discusses one of his unit's posters, Information Systems (GIS) in the Harvard Map Collection.

Given the breadth and depth of Harvard College Library, it is nearly impossible to keep up with the variety of projects and initiatives taking place. To highlight some current work, the College Library organized its first ever poster session for last month's Middle Managers meeting. All Middle Managers were invited to participate, resulting in a dozen proposals from various units, all of which were accepted for the poster session.

Participating staff took the opportunity to design informative posters showcasing their recent efforts on a wide array of topics, from the digitization of the Artemas Ward House collection to the georeferencing of historical maps to Sibelius music authoring software and more. These staff members were also on hand to talk one-on-one with colleagues attending the session. The presentations were so informative and well-received that a second two-hour session was held yesterday in the Lamont Forum Room to give all interested HCL staff a chance to view them.

"A great deal of interesting and innovative work is done by many of our colleagues at HCL, and in the press of day-to-day operations that work can go unnoticed and unappreciated," said William Stoneman, Florence Fearrington Librarian of Houghton Library, who was an early advocate of the idea and sent the initial email to Middle Managers. "A poster session provides an opportunity to exchange ideas and to recognize achievement in a congenial and unstructured environment."

The complete list of poster presentations and their creators follows:

  • Documenting the Artemas Ward House
    David Remington, Manager, Digital Imaging and Photography Group, Julia E. Featheringill, Assistant Manager, Digital Imaging and Photography Services, and Maggie Hale, Librarian for Collections Digitization, Preservation and Imaging Services
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  1. "Some Day is Now": Closing Littauer Library and Facing a Seventy-Year Backlog
    Jan Voogd, Head of Collection Management for the Social Sciences Program
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  • Geo-referencing Historical Maps
    Whitley Frost, Geographic Information Systems Technician, and Bonnie Burns, Geographic Information Systems Coordinator, Harvard Map Collection
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  • The New Harvard Library Bulletin
    Peter Accardo, Coordinating Editor, and Dennis Marnon, Coordinating Editor Designate of the Harvard Library Bulletin, Houghton Library
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  • The Prize-Winning Harvard Review
    Christina Thompson, Editor of Harvard Review, and Lisa Nold, Editorial Assistant, Houghton Library
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  • The Geological Map Collection at Cabot Science Library
    Ellie Clement, Head of Reference for the Cabot Science Library and Instruction Liaison for the Sciences
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  • Understanding Harvard University's Enterprise Security Policies
    Julia Ashmun, Senior Software Engineer, and Mark Farrar, Assistant Director for Network and Systems Management, Information Technology Services
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  • Sibelius Music Authoring Software
    Marty Schreiner, Head of Morse Music and Media, Lamont Library
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  • Mapping Collaborations across Harvard College Library (co-sponsored by Widener Research Services and Collection Development)
    Mary Beth Clack, Research Librarian, and Elizabeth McKeigue, Research Librarian, Widener Research Services
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  • What does Harvard College Library's Joint Council do for you?
    Todd Bachmann, Associate Head of Imaging Services and Management Joint-Chair of the Joint Council, and Ann Heintz, Acquisitions Assistant in Tozzer Library and HUCTW Joint-Chair of the Joint Council
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  • Information Systems (GIS) in the Harvard Map Collection
    Scott Walker, Digital Cartography Specialist, Harvard Map Collection

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  • Conserving a Collection of Papyrus Fragments
    Pam Spitzmueller, James W. Needham Chief Conservator for Special Collections in the Harvard University Library and the Harvard College Library
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