ITS Launches Printing Pilot

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Jovana Sljivancanin works on her laptop in Lamont Library last week. A pilot program was launched earlier this month to allow students to print from their personal laptops.


November 13, 2008 - A pilot program to allow students to print from their personal laptops at Lamont Library was launched by HCL Information Technology Services earlier this month, and if successful could be expanded into other HCL libraries, said Assistant Director for ITS Client Services and Support Jeff Bernhard.

The pilot program allows students and staff to print at one of two printers in the library, located just outside Lamont Café, or on Level B, near the Reference Desk. Two software packages are being employed, PaperCut, for FAS affiliates, or Pharos Mobile, for both FAS and non-FAS affiliates. Directions on how to download and install both free programs can be found on the HCL Web site. A printed guide, "Printing from a Personal Laptop in Lamont Library: A How to Guide," is also available at the reference desk.

Both services charge a small per-page fee. PaperCut users can charge the printing costs against their FAS account, while Pharos Mobile can be charged to Crimson Cash. For students hoping to save a few cents, Bernhard said, the per-page cost is discounted if students and staff use duplex printing, or print on both sides of the page.

"We know they are printing," Bernhard said, pointing at statistics which suggest the pilot program is proving popular among students and staff.

Since the launch of the PaperCut system, more than 124 print jobs have been processed at the printer outside Lamont Café, totaling more than 1,000 pages. At the B Level printer, more than 30 jobs have been processed, with more than 250 pages. Statistics aren't yet available for the Pharos Mobile system.

"We are keeping track of the statistics and will evaluate the program in January," Bernhard said. "If it proves to be viable, we'll take a look at expanding the service to other libraries."