Gerstein Opens Solo Art Show

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"Signal to Noise" one of several paintings included in Cabot Library Reference Assistant Philip Gerstein's solo show, "The Distant Sound of Rain in Spring Valleys," now on display at the Bromfield Gallery in Boston's South End.


November 12, 2008 - He's worked as an artist since the 1970s, and shown his work in galleries throughout New England and New York, but Cabot Library Reference assistant Philip Gerstein expects his latest show, at the Bromfield Gallery in Boston, to serve as a re-introduction to the Boston art scene.

The new show, "The Distant Sound of Rain in Spring Valleys," opened on November 7, features nine abstract works, and marks something of a return for Gerstein, who has shown his work extensively at his South End studio, but hasn't shown his work in a major Boston gallery in several years. Most recently, Gerstein's work was shown this May at the Agni Gallery in New York and at the Wingspread Gallery in Maine from June to July. He was also featured in the Studio Selections show exhibited at Boston City Hall from June to August.

"This is a bit of a coming out party as far as this series of paintings goes," he said this week. "They haven't seen my work all together in a big gallery space in a while, and that is so exciting! A couple years ago, I decided I had quite a lot of work and started putting it out, and this was the result."

"I like each one to live up to their full potential," Gerstein said, of his paintings, which can take between two and five years to complete. The pieces included in the new exhibit feature oil stick on canvas in larger - up to five feet - paintings, while mixed drawing media, including chalk, pastels, watercolor sticks and colored ink on paper is used in smaller works. The nine pieces in the show were partially inspired by the poetry of e.e. cummings, and in addition to color, they touch on spatial concerns, including direction movement and balance.

"That includes things like emptiness and fullness, in the sense of Chinese art and Chinese philosophy," he said. "If you think about how a painting exists, the part you see as the image wouldn't exist without the space you see around it, which is ‘empty.'"

"The Distant Sound of Rain in Spring Valleys" runs through November 29 at the Bromfield Gallery in Boston's South End.