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Featheringill Opens Solo Art Show

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"Damn Good to See You," one of several pieces included in Digital Imaging and Photography Services Assistant Manager Julia Featheringill's solo show, which opens Friday at Carroll and Sons Gallery in Boston.


November 6, 2008 - Almost everyone has seen the small pads of paper in stationary stores covered with doodles made by people as they test pens. Few, though, would recognize the "test pads" as art objects.

For Digital Imaging and Photography Services Assistant Manager Julia Featheringill, however, the doodles represent a curious form of artistic expression, one that forms the core of her latest art show, "Indelible," which opens this Friday at the Carroll and Sons Gallery in Boston. The show, which features 9 pieces, is Featheringill's first solo show in the Boston area. She has also shown her work in various other locations locally and globally.

"I really became interested in them as objects," Featheringill said this week, of the test pads. "It's this really unselfconscious expression, where people put down the first thing that comes to mind. It's not seen as art when it's in the stationary store. It's this really basic impulse."

Creating the pieces for the show, however, was a laborious process.

After collecting pages from test pads, Featheringill enlarged the images, then painstakingly recreated the doodles using pens. The result is an exact copy of the original, only much larger. Several of the pieces in the show are as large as 30 inches by 40 inches. All told, she said, it took nearly two years to finish enough pieces for the show.

"Some of the more intricate ones that had a lot of marks took hours and hours and hours," she said. "I took them and re-drew them on a much larger scale, so something that was really quick suddenly becomes really meticulous."

"Indelible" opens this Friday at Carroll and Sons Gallery in Boston, and runs through December 20.