Harvard-Yenching and Fung Host Colleagues from AAS/CEAL Conference

The reception for CEAL members at Harvard-Yenching packed the library's reading room.

April 5, 2007 – On Friday, March 23, as part of the AAS (Association for Asian Studies) and CEAL (Council on East Asian Libraries) annual meeting, Harvard-Yenching and Fung libraries hosted their visiting colleagues for a series of events. The majority of the annual meeting was held over several days in Copley Square, but much of Friday was dedicated to library-related meetings at Harvard.

Harvard-Yenching Library hosted a reception for CEAL members followed by library tours given by James Cheng, Librarian of Harvard-Yenching Library; Mikyung Kang, Librarian for the Korean Collection; James Lin, Head of Technical Services; Xiao-he Ma, Librarian for the Chinese Collection; Ellen McGill, Reference and Electronic Resources Coordinator; Kuniko McVey, Librarian for the Japanese Collection; and Sharon Yang, Head, Access Services.  

Kazuko Sakaguchi, Librarian of the Documentation Center on Contemporary Japan, leads a tour at Fung Library.

In addition to arranging tours at Fine Arts, Houghton, Widener, and the Law School Library for their interested peers, Harvard-Yenching staff also hosted an RLG meeting late in the day on the subject of RLIN-OCLC transition and its impact on East Asian libraries.

Tours were also given at Fung Library by Kazuko Sakaguchi, Librarian of the Documentation Center on Contemporary Japan, and Nancy Hearst, Librarian of the Fairbank Center for East Asian Research.  Fung Library, along with Harvard-Yenching, hosted two Japanese e-resources workshops in Fung’s computer training room earlier in the week.

On the Sunday of the annual meeting, back at the AAS Roundtable held in Copley Square, Sakaguchi presented "A Progress Report of Web Archiving Project on Japanese Constitutional Revision," updating colleagues on a current Library Digital Initiative. Sakaguchi serves as a collection manager for the Japanese Constitutional Revision Research Project, a website archiving project initiated by the Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies, to discuss, analyze, and document the process of constitutional revision in Japan.

Outreach to East Asian institutions continues to be important for the Harvard College Library.  Upcoming efforts include a presentation on cooperation between Chinese and U.S. libraries that Cheng will make when he attends the 4th China-U.S. Library Conference this October at OCLC.