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Employees Honored for Twenty-Five Years of Service

(l to r): Janet Scinto, Bibliographic Assistant at Houghton Library; Lorraine Thorne, Help Desk Coordinator and Assistant Computer Support Specialist; Douglas Freundlich, Associate Keeper of the Isham Memorial Library; and Diane Cox, HRIS Manager. Not pictured: Anne Corrsin, Preservation & Imaging Services; Inna Feldman, HCL Technical Services; Caroline Kent, Widener Library; and Susan Leavitt, Cabot Science Library.

– They came to Harvard when everyone used typewriters and there was no email. If they wanted to look up a book they used the card catalog; if they wanted to reproduce a flyer they used a mimeograph; and if they wanted to use a computer they had to book time in the "computer room" with a single, giant machine. These are the members of the HCL community who have been with the University and have observed its evolution for a quarter of a century.

Last week at a ceremony with President Drew Faust presiding the following staff members were honored for tweny-five years of service to the University: Anne Corrisin, Preservation & Imaging; Diane Cox, HCL Human Resource Services; Inna Feldman, HCL Technical Services; Douglas Freundlich, Loeb Music Library; Caroline Kent, Widener Research Services; Susan Leavitt, Cabot Science Library; Janet Scinto, Houghton Library; and Lorraine Thorne, HCL Information Technology Services.

"The more things change, the more they stay the same. . .just different," observed one honoree. The others agreed.