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Photo Gallery: Widener First Floor and Main Entrance Reopen

April 16, 2003 --

On April 14, the Main Entrance and First Floor of Widener Library reopened, complete with renovated and refurbished marble walls and floors, lighting, sprinkler system, telephone/data, and fire alarm. In addition, walls and ceiling were freshly painted in colors that replicate the original interior finishes. All office spaces have been reconfigured and two elegant (!) card swipes have been placed at the Main Entrance.

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Widener Main Entrance reopens!

Linda DiBenedetto, Nancy Bojan, and Barbara Halporn are the first through the refurbished Main Entrance.

Tim Gray and Andy LaPlume, HCL Operations, were on hand to make sure the new turnstiles and card access system worked seamlessly.

Visiting scholars, alumni/ae, and library guests are now directed to a separate entrance to go to Library Privileges, which eliminates congestion at the security desk.

Edward Doctoroff, Billing, and Silabhadra Sen, Library Privileges, prepare for the first day in the new space.

Library Privileges' first user!

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