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Alphabetics on Display at Houghton

April 4, 2003 --

This illustration, from A dilettanti delle belle' arti (Florence, 1785) by Giovanni Battista Betti, displays calligraphic virtuosity linking classical mythological figures to letters of the alphabet -- a knight riding through the center of a Q. The image is one of the pieces displayed in the exhibit Alphabetics, which runs through April 30 in the Amy Lowell Room, Houghton Library.

The exhibit, arranged by guest curators Erika Boeckeler and Daniel Kokin, highlights artistic representations of different alphabets including books of letters and rebuses, diagrams of kabbalistic techniques with Hebrew Letters, and documents reflecting political disputes over the use of particular alphabets or letters. It runs in conjunction with a conference of the same name, which will be held at the end of April.


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