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HCL Welcomes Freshman with Lamont Open House and Libraries Treasures Tour

September 19, 2002 -- Welcoming, informing, and demystifying, HCL librarians worked to acquaint freshman with library resources, staff, and services during the Lamont Freshman Open House and the Harvard Libraries Treasures Tour held in early September.

The annual Lamont Freshman Open House welcomed a record breaking 600 students to the library with tours, prize baskets, food, and tattoos all coordinated around the theme, The Great Indoors. Over 30 tours of Lamont were given during the two-hour evening event. Drawings were held and students won a variety of prizes including mugs, movie tickets, a game basket, and a junk food basket. Librarians answered questions and spoke one-on-one with the eager class of ’06, while members of the Friends of the Harvard College Library handed out pencils and maps and representatives from the Bureau of Study Counsel, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and Harvard Arts Sciences Computer Services greeted students. In addition, staff of the Language Resource Center demonstrated how the language labs operate.

After taking a tour, students navigated Lamont on their own using a "trail guide." The guide directed students to Government Documents, Access Services, the Reference Room, the Woodberry Poetry Room, the Farnsworth Room, the Forum Room and the Larsen Room, where HCL librarians were on hand to answer questions about HOLLIS, the Loaner Laptop program, course reserves, and more. If students did not have questions of their own, the guide offered suggestions such as, "Where can I find the population of Wisconsin for 1840?" "What time does the library close?" and "Where can I find a foreign language dictionary?" Completing the trail meant students could enter a prize drawing for a water bottle filled passes for activities around Boston.

Members of the Open House Planning Committee included: Lynn Sayers, Jessica Carney, Heather Cole, Sue Gilroy, Lynn Wang DeLacey, Ben Ide, and Linda Collins. Many volunteers from Lamont contributed to the success of the evening. Other HCL librarians who helped with the event were: Ellie Clement, Greg Finnegan, Pam Hays, Rachel Howarth, Mary Beth Clack, Suzanne Kemple, Donna Koepp, Cheryl LaGuardia, Lynda Leahy, Connie Mayer, Carrie MacFarlane, Meghan Dolan, Kathleen Sheehan, and Danila Terpanjian.

Later that week freshman joined Jeffrey Kosokoff, Head of Reference Services for Lamont, and Barbara Burg, Research Librarian in Widener, for a Harvard Libraries Treasures Tour. The tour originated on the Lamont steps where Heather Cole, Librarian of Hilles and Lamont Libraires, gave an overview of the HCL libraries and introduced students to reference, conservation, electronic reserves, and access services staff. Intended to introduce students to some of the Library’s rare collections, the tour showcased the Harvard University Archives, the Harvard Map Collection, and Houghton Library, and featured items such as the first sketch of the veritas shield from 1643, a Ptolmey World Atlas printed in two colors circa 1511, and a sampler that Emily Dickinson stitched as a child.

Freshman gather in the Lamont Lobby as the evening begins.

Jeffrey Kosokoff, Head of Reference Services, Lamont, takes a moment to speak one-on-one with a new student.

Librarians from across HCL served as tour guides. Here, they line up, ready to orient students to the many levels of Lamont.

Paul Worster, Access Services Assistant, Lamont, demonstrates how to use a Loaner Labtop.

In the Harvard University Archives, students view a list of books prohibited to students in the college library, circa 1830.
David Cobb, Head of Harvard Map Collection, displays a 1719 Chatelain French map of the Americas, complete with cartographic gore.


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