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New Widener Kiosks Communicate Timely Renovation Information

Timely renovation information is displayed on the kiosks.

February 7, 2002 -- In a continued effort to communicate renovation information, dynamic kiosks have been positioned at both public entrances of Widener Library to notify users and staff about Phase 2 daily noise levels, department locations, and areas under construction. Phase 2, a massive renovation project affecting all interior non-stack locations, will involve construction that is more visible and intrusive in daily library activities than the construction of the Widener Stacks Renovation, which is principally contained in the stacks area and will be completed this spring. The kiosks will help users navigate the library during this period by conveying timely information through a Construction Update white board, a noise level indicator (low, medium, high, extreme), and a Levels Under Construction board displaying current floor plans, which detail where departments are located and where the construction is taking place.

The kiosks show what areas of the library are currently under construction and where library departments are located.

Slots for handouts hold printed copies of the floor plans and the Widener Renovation Update, allowing users to take the information with them. During Phase 2, entire floor levels will be closed for renovation; a section of the kiosk will showcase renovation photos of construction activity on the inaccessible floor.

The kiosks were constructed for Phase 2, yet in the future the portable stands could be used for construction projects in other libraries or to convey other types of information.





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