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Widener Library Installs Card Access

November 26, 2001 --Today Harvard College Library Facilities/Security activated the new card access system at both public entrances of Widener Library.
Janice Weiner, Staff Assistant for
Research Services, uses the new card
access system at the west entrance of
Widener Library.

Harvard ID holders need only to swipe their cards through the box on the top of the turnstile to enter the building. Individuals who have lost or who do not possess a Harvard ID will be directed to the Privileges Office. Security personnel are temporarily stationed at the entrances to assist library users during the transition from manual to automatic card identification. Doorcheckers will remain at their posts and continue to check the bags of people exiting the building.

A student enters Widener by swiping his ID card.

The card access system was installed as part of an ongoing, multi-faceted security program implemented by the library administration to provide improved protection for staff, users, and collections throughout the eleven libraries in the Harvard College Library. Although originally scheduled for installation at the end of the Widener Stacks Renovation project in the spring of 2002, the card access system was installed earlier in response to the University's heightened security measures following September 11. The machines currently in use will be replaced with permanent fixtures when the main lobby and the Massachusetts Avenue entrances are remodeled.

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