Widener Library

FAS Departmental Libraries

Several departmental and special libraries of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences are housed on the third floor of Widener Library. Each has its own set of admittance and borrowing policies. Please contact the individual library for more information.

(Fred N. Robinson) Celtic Seminar Library - Web site
Room K 617-495-8771
Child Memorial Library (English Department) - Web site
Room Z 617-495-4681
(Hamilton A.R.) Gibb Islamic Seminar Library
Room Q 617-496-5757
History of Science Library - Web site
Room 91B 617-496-2647
Linguistics Library
Room B 617-495-4054
Milman Parry Collection of Oral Literature and the James A. Notopoulos Collection
Room C 617-496-2499
Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations Library
Room G 617-495-0553
Paleography Library
Room D 617-495-4027
Sanskrit Library
Room A 617-495-3295
(Herbert Weir) Smyth Classical Library
Room E 617-495-4027