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The Slavic Division collects in great depth materials from Russia, Eastern and Central Europe, Central Asia, and the Caucasus in all Slavic, Baltic, and Western languages, and from various émigré communities from these areas scattered throughout the world. In addition to books, serials, and microforms, the collection includes videos, CD-ROMs, posters and ephemera, and electronic databases with Slavic content.

The main collection of over 850,000 volumes in the areas of the humanities and social sciences is housed in the Widener and Pusey Libraries. Significant holdings can also be found in other libraries of the Harvard College Library, such as the Fine Arts Library, Houghton Library (rare books), Loeb Music Library, and Tozzer Library (anthropology), as well as in libraries of other faculties, such as the Harvard Law School Library.

Among Harvard's many special collections in this area are:

  • The Kilgour collection of Russian literature (1750–1920) – Houghton Library
  • The complete set of Pushkin's first editions – Houghton Library
  • The archive of Leon Trotsky – Houghton Library
  • The Milman Parry Collection, oral literature of the former Yugoslavia
  • The collection of early Russian law books – Harvard Law School Library
  • The Solidarity Bibliographic Center collection of independent, underground, and uncensored Polish publications (1970s–1990) – Houghton Library, Widener Library
  • The Czech and Slovak "samizdat" collection (1970–1989) – Widener Library
  • The independent/unofficial press of the Soviet Union (1987–1991) – Widener Library
  • The collection of Soviet military topographic maps of the European areas of the Soviet Union – Harvard Map Collection

Questions and comments, including requests for new materials and inquiries about using the Slavic collection, should be directed to Anna Rakityanskaya, Slavic Division, via e-mail.

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