Widener Library

Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Collection

The Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Room contains the original library belonging to Harry Elkins Widener, Class of 1907, at the time of his death on the Titanic in 1912, as well as a few notable items added by his family after that date. The entire Harry Elkins Widener Collection was given to Harvard by his mother, Mrs. Eleanor Widener Rice. It includes approximately 3,300 volumes and is housed in Widener Library. Its strengths are 19th century English literature, Shakespeare, and extra-illustrated books. Harry's particular favorites included the works of Robert Louis Stevenson and Charles Dickens as well as George, Isaac, and Robert Cruikshank. In 1944 one of the few surviving copies of the Gutenberg Bible was added to the collection by Mr. George D. Widener on behalf of his sister, Mrs. Widener Dixon, and himself.

The collection is cataloged in HOLLIS and can be browsed by searching under "other call number" search with the letters "HEW." It is administered through Houghton Library. Readers wishing to consult the collection may request items in the Houghton Reading Room.

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