Widener Library

East, South, and Southeast Asian Collections

Widener's acquisitions from East, South, and Southeast Asia are primarily in English and other Western languages but also in Sanskrit and Tibetan. It includes humanities and social sciences materials in all formats. Harvard is also a member of the South Asia Microforms Project, the Southeast Asia Microforms Project, and the Center for Research Libraries, which gives access to additional materials from those areas in Western and Asian languages.

The central collection of publications in East Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Manchu, Mongolian) is in the Harvard-Yenching Library, supplemented by the collections in the Harvard Law School Library, the RĂ¼bel Asiatic Research Collection in the Fine Arts Library, and the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies Collection (China) and Documentation Center on Contemporary Japan Collection in the Fung Library. South Asian languages in Arabic script are collected by the Middle Eastern Division in Widener. For more information contact Richard Lesage, Librarian for South and South-East Asia, e-mail, 617-495-2508.

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