Widener Library

Guidelines for Assembling on Widener Library Steps

Requests to assemble on the Widener Library steps must be approved by the Office of the Librarian of Harvard College and by the Assistant Dean of Harvard College. Only requests from Harvard-sanctioned student organizations will be considered. To request permission to use the Widener steps, please visit the Harvard College Room Reservation System site and submit an event registration form. Requests must be made at least five business days in advance of the event.

Requests to allow the use of a sound system must be made at the same time the Application to Use Outdoor Spaces is submitted. Use of amplification of sound systems of any kind must be approved by the Office of the Dean of Harvard College.

The library staff will make a reasonable effort to accommodate all requests, reserving the option to refuse during times when quiet is needed in the Loker Reading Room or when construction or other scheduled work must take precedence. Maintaining an atmosphere that is conducive to study and research and ensuring the safe egress of individuals entering and exiting the library are important considerations.

The following must be observed when recongnized student groups use the Widener Library stairs or the space in front of the buttress walls:

  • Events must be confined to one side of the bottom portion of the stairs and may not block the middle stairway. Access to the main doorway must remain clear and open.
  • For safety reasons, standing and/or dancing on the buttress walls and dancing on the stairs is prohibited.
  • Nothing (banners, posters, etc.) may be affixed to the building, including the buttress walls.
  • The library reserves the right to ask groups to modify the sound levels if their programs are disturbing library users, and groups must comply with the request.
  • The use of open flames is not allowed on the stairs or on the buttress walls.
  • Groups are responsible for cleaning up after programs and returning the stairs and/or area surrounding them to their original condition. Fines will be incurred by the group if necessary.
  • Widener Library reserves the right to amend any requests if noise, safety, or other issues arise.