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Bibliography for "A Noble Pursuit: The Duchess of Mecklenburg Collection from Iron Age Slovenia"

Further information on objects in the exhibition, on the Mecklenburg Collection, and on Iron Age Europe can be found in these publications in Tozzer Library.

The Mecklenburg Collection in the Peabody Museum

Mecklenburg Collection, Parts I, II, and III. Bulletin, American School of Prehistoric Research, nos. 25, 32 and 33. (TOZ  L.SOC.

These scholarly catalogs were published by the Peabody Museum between 1968 and 1981.  Each begins with a brief history of the excavations carried out by the Duchess of Mecklenburg in the years leading up to World War I in what is now Slovenia (then the Austrian province of Krain or Carniola), and of how the Mecklenburg Collection came to the Museum between 1935 and 1940.  The volumes also present detailed descriptions and analyses of the Iron Age artifacts and skeletal material excavated at the Iron Age burial sites of Hallstatt, Stična and Magdalenska gora. Hugh Hencken, Peter S. Wells, Sándor Bökönyi, and J. Lawrence Angel are the authors.

Peter Wells published two articles further documenting the finds from the sites of Hallstatt and Stična:

  • "The Excavations at Stična in Slovenia by the Duchess of Mecklenburg, 1905-1914," Journal of Field Archaeology 5(2): 215-226.  1978.   (TOZ  L.SOC. 120.15.76)
  • "Twenty-Six Graves from Hallstatt Excavated by the Duchess of Mecklenburg," Germania 56(1): 66-93.  1978.  (TOZ  L.SOC.  An appendex, by Erik Trinkaus, describes human skeletal remains from the site.

Hugh Hencken did the same for the site of Magdalenska gora:

  • "Bracelets of Lead-Tin Alloy from Magdalenska Gora," Situla 14/15: 119-127.  1974.  (TOZ  MUS.

Professor Hencken also wrote an entertaining version of how the Peabody Museum acquired the Mecklenburg Collection in an article in Symbols (Fall 1981, pp.2-3).  (TOZ  MUS.

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Encyclopedia Articles

  • "Celts," by Vincent Megaw and Ruth Megaw.  Encyclopedia of Archaeology: History and Discoveries, pp. 285-295.   (TOZ  REF CC 100 .E54 2001)
  • "West-Central European Early Iron Age," by Bettina Arnold.  Encyclopedia of Prehistory, pp. 383-398.   (TOZ  REF GN 710 .E53 2001, vol. 4)

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Tozzer and Widener Libraries

Tozzer and Widener Libraries hold a very large number of related works:

  • In 2002, Antiquity, Europe’s premier archaeological journal, reprinted in a single volume twenty-six articles originally published between 1929 and 1998.  Twelve focus on ‘Celcicity’ in general and on Continental Europe, and the remaining on the British Isles.  The book is entitled Celts from Antiquity.   (TOZ  EU. ARC. C 334)
  • T.G.E. Powell’s The Celts is v.6 of the multi-volume Ancient Peoples and Places series published by Thames & Hudson; original 1958 edition was reissued in 1980 with additional illustrations.   (TOZ  EU. ETH. P 871 c 1980)
  • Henri Hubert’s classic The Rise of the Celts has been reprinted many times since being translated from the original French in 1934.   (TOZ  EU. ETH. H 683 r)

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General Summaries of European Prehistory

Recommended by Dr. Gloria Greis, Curator:

The Celts.  New York: Rizzoli, 1991 (TOZ  EU. ETH. C 332 E Folio). 
Published on the occasion of the 1991 exhibition The Celts, the Origins of Europe, in Venice.  Original ed. in Italian; a revised English language paperback edition appeared in 1997.   (TOZ  EU. ETH. C 332 E 1999).

The Celtic World, by Barry Cunliffe.  New York: McGraw Hill, 1979. 
Reprinted in 1986 by Greenwich House.   (TOZ  EU. ARC. C 916 Folio)

Farms, Villages and Cities: Commerce and Urban Origins in Late Prehistoric Europe, by Peter S. Wells.  Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1984.  
(TOZ  EU. ARC. W 462 f)

Beyond Celts, Germans and Scythians: Archaeology and Identity in Iron Age Europe, by Peter S. Wells.  London: Duckworth, 2001.  (TOZ  EU. ARC. W 462 b)

Janet L. Steins
February 2006

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