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Bibliography for "Feeding the Ancestors: Tlingit Carved Horn Spoons"

For more information about the Tlingit people of the Northwest Coast of North America, we suggest the following resources.

Electronic resources available to the Harvard community

  • E-HRAF Collection of Ethnography
    Contains 28 full-text resources on the Tlingit, both 19th and 20th century publications and recent journal articles.
  • Bibliography of Native North Americans
    Database containing citations to works published from the 16th century to the present on the history, life and culture of native North American peoples.  Journal articles, books, newspapers and magazines

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Encyclopedia articles

  • “Tlingit,” by Frederica De Laguna.  In Handbook of North American Indians, vol. 7, pp. 203-228.  Washington: Smithsonian Institution, 1990.

    The Handbook, an ongoing publishing project, presents an encyclopedic summary of what is known about the prehistory, history and cultures of the aboriginal peoples of North America. TOZ REF E 77 H25 (7) or L.SOC. (7)

  • “Tlingit,” by Diane E. Benson and Anne Sheets.  In Gale Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes, vol. 4, pp. 510-619.  Detroit: Gale Research, 1998

    Describes tribal history, religion, language, buildings, subsistence, clothing and adornment, healing practices, customs, oral literature, and current tribal issues; includes biographical profiles and numerous images. TOZ REF E 77 .G15 1998

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Books and articles

  • Swanton, John Reed, 1873-
    “Social condition, beliefs, and linguistic relationship of the Tlingit Indians.”  Washington DC: Smithsonian Institution, 1905.  Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology, 26th, 1904-1905. pp. 391-485.

    This is one of the earliest scholarly works on the Tlingit in English. TOZ L.SOC. 120.146.5

  • Victor-Howe, Anne-Marie
    Feeding the ancestors: Tlingit carved horn spoons.  Cambridge: Peabody Museum Press, 2007.

    Just published, this Peabody Museum Collection Guide includes an annotated bibliography of recommended books on the Tlingit. TOZ-LC E 99 .T6 V53 2007

Search these authors in HOLLIS (for books) and Anthropological Literature (for articles and book chapters):

George Thornton Emmons (1852-1945)
Viola Edmundson Garfield (1899-1983)
Sergei Kan
Aurel Krause (1848-?)
Aldona Jonaitis
Ronald L. Olson (1895-1979)
Florence Shotridge
Kenneth D. Tollefson

On archaeology of the Tlingit:
Frederica De Laguna (1906-2004)

On Tlingit literature, myths and other oral traditions:
Nora Dauenhauer
Richard Dauenhauer
Maria Ackerman

Additional terms for searching:

Yakutat, Chilkat, Sitka, Stikine (some subtribes of the Tlingit)
totem poles

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