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Bibliography for "Gifts of the Great River: Arkansas Effigy Pottery from the Edwin Curtiss Collection"

This brief bibliography contains works in English in Tozzer and other Harvard libraries.

On Edwin Curtiss and his work

House, John H.
2003 Gifts of the Great River: Arkansas Effigy Pottery from the Edwin Curtiss Collection. Cambridge: Peabody Museum Press. (TOZ MUS.

A guide to the Peabody Museum collection from which the 15 vessels in this exhibition were selected.

Mainfort, Robert C. Jr., and Sarah R. Demb.
2001 “Edwin Curtiss’s Archaeological Explorations along the St. Francis River, Northeast Arkansas, 1879-1880,” in Arkansas Archaeologist 41:1-27. (TOZ L.SOC.120.Ark.6.1.14)

The authors reconstruct Curtiss’s explorations along the St. Francis through his narratives and letters to Frederick Ward Putnam at the Peabody, which are reproduced.

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On Mississippian culture and pottery

Blumer, Thomas John.
2004 Catawba Indian Pottery; the Survival of a Folk Tradition. Tuscaloosa, University of Alabama Press, 2004. (TOZ N.A.TECH. B 628 c)

Study of how a tradition of pottery production has survived from prehistoric Mississippian times to the present day in the Southeastern U.S.

Hathcock, Roy.
1976 Ancient Indian Pottery of the Mississippi River Valley. Camden, AR: Hurley Press. (TOZ N.A.ARC. H 286 a Folio)

Catalog of 599 Mississippian pottery vessels in public and private collections.

Holmes, William Henry
1903 “Aboriginal Pottery of the Eastern United States,” in Twentieth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology, 1898-1899. Washington: Government Printing Office. (TOZ L.SOC.120.146.5)

One of earliest substantive studies of Native American pottery of the Mississippian and other traditions (Holmes had published a preliminary study entitled “Ancient Pottery of the Mississippi Valley” in the Fourth Annual Report of the BAE, 1882-1883, pp. 361-436).

Mills, Lawrence.
1968 “Mississippian Head Vases of Arkansas and Missouri,” in The Missouri Archaeologist 30:1-83. (TOZ L.SOC.120.Mo.3.5)

Numerous examples of rare head vases, like the one on exhibit here, are illustrated.

Morse, Dan F. and Phyllis A. Morse.
1983 Archaeology of the Central Mississippi Valley. New York: Academic Press. (TOZ N.A.ARC. M 835 a)

Based on 30 years of fieldwork, the authors present an archaeological reconstruction of the 11,000 years before European arrival in “an extraordinarily rich environment centered within the largest river system north of the Amazon.” -- preface

Peregrine, Peter.
2001 “Mississippian,” in Encyclopedia of Prehistory, v.6, pp.335-38. New York: Kluwer Academic/Plenum. (TOZ REF GN 710 .E53 2001)

A succinct summary of the Mississippian archaeological tradition.

Phillips, Philip, James A. Ford, and James B. Griffin.
1951 Archaeological Survey in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley, 1940-1947. Papers of the Peabody Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology 25. Cambridge: The Museum. (TOZ MUS. (25))

This classic work was reprinted in 2003 by the University of Alabama Press with a new introduction by Stephen Williams.

Roberts, Jack C.
1979 “Observations and Reflections on Mississippian Culture Pottery,” in Prehistoric Art-Archaeology “80” 14(4):122-160. (TOZ L.SOC.120.57.18)

An avocational archaeologist names, describes and illustrates various Mississippian pottery types.

Westbrook, Kent C. and J.A. McEntire III.
1982 Legacy in Clay: Prehistoric Ceramic Art of Arkansas. Little Rock: Rose Publishing Co. (TOZ N.A.ARC. L 522)

Catalogue of an exhibit prepared and sponsored by the authors in cooperation with the Arkansas Arts Center; contains short essays on several ceramic traditions, including Mississippian.

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