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Bibliography for "Remembering Awatovi: The Story of an Archaeological Expedition in Northern Arizona, 1935-1939"


This bibiliography accompanies an exhibition of Peabody Musuem objects and historic photographs on display in the Tozzer Library gallery September 2008 to April 2009. Accompanying the exhibition is the latest volume in the Peabody Monographs Series.

  • 2008 Remembering Awatovi: the story of an archaeological expedition in northern Arizona, 1935/1939, by Hester Davis – MUS. (10). See the bibliography of publications related to the Peabody Expedition to Awatovi and suggestions for further reading at back of book.
  • 1947 “Awatovi,” by Thelma Bonney Hall, in Arizona Highways 23(8): 12-15 – L.SOC.120.Arz.15.5

Before the Peabody Museum expedition of the 1930’s, earlier scholars such as Bandelier and Fewkes studied and published on the site of Awatovi.

  • 1890-1892 Final report of investigations among the Indians of the southwestern United States, carried out mainly in the years from 1880 to 1885, by A.F. Bandelier – N.A.ARC. B 221 f and L.SOC. (3-4)
  • 1893 “A-wa’-to bi: an archeological verification of a Tusayan legend,” by J. Walter Fewkes, in American Anthropologist 6(4): 363-375 – L.SOC.120.1
  • 1898 “Archaeological expedition to Arizona in 1895,” by J. Walter Fewkes in U.S. Bureau of American Ethnology, 17th Annual Report. 1895/96 (see pp. 592-631 for description of Awatovi) – L.SOC.120.146.5

Eleven volumes of excavation reports were published by the Peabody between 1942 and 1978 in the series Papers of the Peabody Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology and its successor Papers of the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology – MUS. v.33(1), 34, 35(1-3), 36, 37, 38, 39(1), 69, 70 (search in HOLLIS under: Reports of the Awatovi Expedition for individual titles).

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On the Murals

  • 1954 “Awatovi mural decorations,” by Malcolm F. Farmer, in Plateau 27(2): 21-23 – MUS.120.3.10
  • 1982 “Style and symbolism in the Awatovi kiva mural paintings,” by Marvin Cohodas, in Native North American art history: selected readings, edited by Zena Pearlstone Mathews and Aldona Jonaitis – N.A.TECH. N 213
  • 2000 Behind painted walls: incidents in Southwestern archaeology, by Florence C. Lister – N.A.ARC. L 696 b

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On the End of Awatovi

  • 1971 The fourth world of the Hopis, by Harold Courlander – N.A.REL. C 834 f A retelling of the Hopi legend about the destruction of Awatovi.
  • 1972 “Awatovi – more light on a legend,” by John P. Wilson in Plateau 44(3): 125-130 – MUS.120.3.10
  • 1980 “The destruction of Awatovi re-examined through Hopi culture history,” by Jeffrey R. Hanson in Journal of Anthropology 2(1): 1-21 – L.SOC.120.Il.13.1
  • 2002 “Re-imagining Awat’ovi,” by Peter Whitley, in Archaeologies of the Pueblo Revolt; identity, meaning and renewal in the Pueblo world, edited by Robert W. Preucel – N.A. ARC. Ar 21.2 Folio.

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Theses by Harvard Students

  • 1941 Bone implements from the pueblo of Awatovi in Arizona, by John Douglas Hoag (Senior Honors ) – CASE 8 N.A.ARC. H 65 b
  • 1949 Prehistoric stone implements of northeastern Arizona: a study of the origin, distribution and function of the stone tools, ornaments and weapons of the Jeddito district, by Richard B. Woodbury (PhD) – CASE 8 N.A. ARC. W 852 p
  • 1951 A conceptual scheme of southwestern archaeology in the light of the excavation of a basket maker III-Peublo I site in the Jeddito Valley, northeastern Arizona, by Hiroshi Daifuku (PhD) – CASE 8 N.A.ARC. D 140 c
  • 1995 Mission Pueblo ceramic analyses: implications for protohistoric interaction networks and cultural dynamics, by Patricia Capone (PhD) – Microfiche N.A.ARC. C 173 m
  • 1995 The legend of Awatovi: a new perspective from the ceramic evidence, by Joseph Peter Hartel (Master of Liberal Arts) – CASE 8 N.A.ARC. H 251 l

Janet L. Steins
October 2008

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