Tozzer Library Selected New Acquisitions

  Title Author Publisher
  The ancient Nasca world : new insights from science and archaeology edited by Rosa Lasaponara, Nicola Masini, Giuseppe Orefici Springer Verlag, 2016
  K'oben : 3,000 years of the Maya hearth by Amber M. O'Connor and Eugene N. Anderson Rowman & Littlefield, 2017
  The origins of Maya states edited by Loa P. Traxler and Robert J. Sharer University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, 2016
  Collecting, ordering, governing : anthropology, museums, and liberal government by Tony Bennett, Fiona Cameron, Nélia Dias, Ben Dibley, Rodney Harrison, Ira Jacknis, and Conal McCarthy Duke University Press, 2017
  Patron gods and patron lords : the semiotics of classic Maya community cults by Joanne P. Baron University Press of Colorado, 2016
  A world of babies : imagined childcare guides for eight societies edited by Alma Gottlieb and Judy S. DeLoache Cambridge University Press, 2017
  Downed by friendly fire : Black girls, White girls, and suburban schooling by Signithia Fordham University of Minnesota Press, 2016
  Archaeology at El Perú Waka' : ancient Maya performances of ritual, memory, and power edited by Olivia C. Navarro-Farr and Michelle Rich The University of Arizona Press, 2014
  The future as cultural fact : essays on the global condition by Arjun Appadurai Verso Books, 2013
  Māori art : history, architecture, landscape and theory by Rangihiroa Panoho  Bateman, 2015
  The fifth beginning : what six million years of human history can tell us about our future by Robert L. Kelly University of California Press, 2016
  Wearing culture : dress and regalia in early Mesoamerica and Central Americ edited by Heather Orr and Matthew G. Looper University Press of Colorado, 2014
  Fredrik Barth : an intellectual biography by Thomas Hylland Eriksen Pluto Press, 2015
  The corn wolf by Michael Taussig University of Chicago Press, 2015
  The truth about crime : sovereignty, knowledge, social order by Jean Comaroff and John L. Comaroff The University of Chicago Press, 2016
  "I love learning; I hate school" : an anthropology of college by Susan D. Blum Cornell University Press, 2016
  Everyday life matters : Maya farmers at Chan by Cynthia Robin  University Press of Florida, 2013
  The Aztec economic world : merchants and markets in ancient Mesoamerica by Kenneth G. Hirth Cambridge University Press, 2016
  Sacred consumption : food and ritual in Aztec art and culture by Elizabeth Morán University of Texas Press, 2016
  A talent for friendship: rediscovery of a remarkable trait by John Edward Terrell Oxford University Press, 2014
  The Routledge companion to contemporary anthropology edited by Simon Coleman, Susan B. Hyatt and Ann Kingsolver  Routledge, 2017
  Social learning and innovation in contemporary hunter-gatherers : evolutionary and ethnographic perspectives by H. Terashima, B.S. Hewlett Springer, 2016
  Prison worlds : an ethnography of the carceral condition by Didier Fassin  Polity Press, 2017
  America observed : on an international anthropology of the United States edited by Virginia R. Dominguez and Jasmin Habib  Berghahn Books, 2017
  Alternative pathways to complexity : a collection of essays on architecture, economics, power, and cross-cultural analysis in honor of Richard E. Blanton edited by Lane F. Fargher and Verenice Y. Heredia Espinoza University Press of Colorado, 2016
  Captives : how stolen people changed the world Catherine M. Cameron University of Nebraska Press, 2016
  The war for the heart & soul of a highland Maya town By Robert S. Carlsen University of Texas Press, 2011
  Our most troubling madness : case studies in schizophrenia across cultures edited by T.M. Luhrmann and Jocelyn Marrow University of California Press, 2016
  Living faithfully in an unjust world : compassionate care in Russia by Melissa L. Caldwell University of California Press, 2017
  Four lectures on ethics : anthropological perspectives by Michael Lambeck, Veena Das, Didier Fassin, Webb Keane Hau Books, 2015
  How would you like to pay? : how technology is changing the future of money by Bill Maurer Duke University Press, 2015
  Maya cultural heritage : how archaeologists and indigenous communities engage the past by Patricia A. McAnany Rowman
  Anthropology and economy by Stephen Gudeman Cambridge University Press, 2016
  Anthropologists in the stock exchange : a financial history of Victorian science by Marc Flandreau University of Chicago Press, 2016
  The Casma city of El Purgatorio : ancient urbanism in the Andes by Melissa A. Vogel University Press of Florida, 2016
  Traveling prehistoric seas: critical thinking on ancient transoceanic voyages Alice B. Kehoe Routledge, 2016
  The archaeology of Andean pastoralism edited by J. M Capriles and N. Tripcevich University of New Mexico Press, 2016
  Seven skeletons: the evolution of the world's most famous human fossils by Lydia Payne Viking, 2016
  Native American landscapes: an engendered perspective edited by Cheryl Claasen University of Tennessee Press, 2016
  Evolution and social life by Tim Ingold  Routledge, 2016
  By steppe, desert, and ocean : the birth of Eurasia by Barry Cunliffe Oxford University Press, 2015
  Ritual and archaic states edited by Joanne M.A. Murphy  University Press of Florida, 2016
  Trends in Biological Anthropology By Karina Gerdau-Radonić and Kathleen McSweeney Oxbow Books, 2015
  The real planet of the apes : a new story of human origins by David R. Begun Princeton University Press, 2016
  Mapping feminist anthropology in the twenty-first century edited by Ellen Lewin and Leni M. Silverstein Rutgers University Press
  Unbound : how eight technologies made us human, transformed society, and brought our world to the brink by Richard L. Currier Arcade Publishing, 2015
  Altera Roma : art and empire from Mérida to México edited by John M.D. Pohl and Claire L. Lyons  UCLA Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press, 2016
  The ancient urban Maya : neighborhoods, inequality, and built form by Scott R. Hutson University Press of Florida, 2016
  We are all cannibals and other essays by Claude Lévi-Strauss Columbia University Press, 2016
  Disasters in Field Research : preparing for and coping with unexpected events by Gillian H. Ice, Darna L. Dufour, and Nancy J. Stevens Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, 2015

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