Harvard Maps Collection

Getting Started with GIS and Computer Mapping


The Harvard Map Collection maintains research workstations for use by Harvard researchers interested in geospatial research and analysis.  Various Geographic Information Systems software programs are installed and assistance is available.  The Map Collection also holds hundreds of CD-ROMs of GIS data and digital imagery. Please see our Digital Collections section for information regarding these materials. Much of the GIS data can also be downloaded online through the Harvard Geospatial Library.

The Map Collection has a staff of GIS professionals to assist Harvard researchers with their computer mapping needs. Instructional services are outlined below.

Online Instruction

Environmental Research Systems Institute (ESRI) has an excellent online learning site: ESRI Training and Education. Many courses are either entirely free of charge, or offer the first module without cost. Some of the courses are available free of charge to Harvard affiliates through the Harvard University subscription to the Virtual Campus. To see the list of eligible courses and to sign up via the Harvard subscription, go to the GIS@Harvard Web site and click on Harvard GIS Community and GIS Courses and Seminars. You will need to Login.

Personal Instruction

A digital cartography specialist is available for instruction and assistance with GIS and computer mapping applications. Personal instruction is done by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, contact Scott Walker via e-mail.

Students are encouraged to sign up for an online training course through the ESRI Training and Education site prior to meeting with the digital cartography specialist.

Printed Instruction

The Map Collection has several shelves of computer mapping publications and software reference books available for patrons.

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